Old Chevy Pickup Drawing Tutorial

Old Chevy Pickup Drawing Tutorial
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We will begin by drawing the front of the old Chevy which is the square shaped front and then some of the lining for the hood, wheel wells, and bottom fender. Also draw in the bumper too.


Next, draw the lining to create the front windshield, side view mirrors, door seam and then draw the framing around the grill along with the old Chevy style headlamps or light. Also draw in the licence plate.


Add the body work or design to the hood of the Chevy pickup along with the line work to the fender, door and framing around the passenger side window and front windshield. Draw the wipers too.


All you have to do here is draw in some of the dash and the driving wheel. Also, draw the seat too. In the old Chevy trucks, the seats used to be one whole piece.


You are now ready to draw the old man sitting in the car. His face is wrinkled, his hat is old, and he also has an expression of annoyance.


This is a simple step because all you need to do is draw the rearview mirror.


Now we can draw the back end of the truck which is a wood style framed in bed. Draw the tire and rim along with the rest of the detailing to the truck.


Draw in the planks that make up the truck bed and when that is done draw the other tires and one of the visible rims.


For the last drawing step all you need to do is draw the grill plate and the Chevy logo. Also now is the time to write the licence plate number. For me I went with JoDirt. Erase the mistakes you might have made.


Here is the line art folks. Draw in a nice background and then color in your drawing.

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May 19, 2016

Country life can be very exciting and even inspirational, but when I first moved here all I thought about was getting back to the city. Some of the cool things about country living is the odd characters that live within town walls and that includes old farmers and even older men. Today I will be showing you how to draw an old Chevy Pick-up with a wooden style bed. This concept is also based on an actual person and truck that I always see drive around town. The old man inside the truck is very quiet, but cranky looking and he is also a spunky old fella too. The Chevy reminds me of my grandpa's old red pickup that he used to have when I was nine or ten years old. The difference between the two lays with the truck bed. I hope you have fun drawing this truck country style. I will be back with more lessons so try and stick around to see what they are.

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