Diesel Truck Drawing


Begin by drawing an oblong shape on an angle. The front should be bigger then the end. Since this truck is gonna have a face, sketch in the facial guidelines.


Up next, begin drawing the hood of the truck and then draw in the front windshield. The hood should have raised arches from the fender/fender flares. Draw in the headlights and add dots to create eyes.


Here you will draw in the first part of the grill. Add the Chevy symbol and then proceed to step four.


Finish the grill and then draw in the bumper which in this truck design is shaped or lined like a gnarling mouth. Draw in the gum line as well as the fender flares.


Draw in the sharp teeth and then draw in the thick dog like tongue that is sticking out.


Draw in almost the entire view of the truck's body. Add the seam lines for the doors and then draw the pinstripe down the middle of the truck body and length.


Draw the back window and then the side mirrors. Outside the windows you will draw one trucker with his head and face, and on the other side the trucker is just going to have his hand and drink sticking out the window. Draw the bottle cap and flow lin   


We will now have fun with this simple step, and that is to draw in the tires and rest of the truck body. The tires have thick, off road like threads and stylish rims.


Lastly, let's draw in the ladder racks in back of the pick-up. When that is done you can erase the mistakes and the guides.


Here is the line art. Now you can color in your truck and truckers when finished. Don't forget to show others how you did.

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May 23, 2016

Description: Okay guys, are you ready for an exciting piece of art that took a good part of the day to finish? Here is my lesson on how to draw a diesel truck, step by step. Around where I live there are a lot of pick-up trucks and they come in many different sizes, types, shapes and age. The one you see here is a Chevy pick-up 3500, which as you know are diesel engines. Folks like diesel because the engines last longer, it burns cleaner gas, and you get better mileage. Oh, did I also mention the horsepower behind the motors that gives them their sheer strength. Anyways, behind the wheel of this truck is a trucker or a fan of trucks. The lesson may be challenging, but you can do it if you have patience and determination. I will be back with other fun lessons for you guys to learn from.

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