How to Draw an F-150 Ford Pickup Truck


Start by slowly drawing the front end of the pickup. This model has a high nose with a wide front grill which will be drawn in upcoming steps. End this step by drawing the front wheel well or fender.


You will almost complete the outline of the truck by drawing the hood, runners, and back bed. Include the rear wheel well as well.


Add the plastic shield that hangs below the front of the truck located under the bumper or front fender.


We will now draw the outlining of the front grill, seam lining for the bumper, and the outlined designs for the headlights.


Add the grill layers to form the design, then draw the front emblem which will read 'FORD'. Add detailing to the bumper and draw the fog lights, then proceed with adding detail.


Add embedded raised hood detailing, then draw the seaming for the front windshield, roof and door.


Draw the drivers side door window and move to step eight.


Since this is an extend cab, you will need to draw the molding that separates the driver's window from the rear passenger window. Add the driver's side mirror, then you are done here.


Add all your detailing to create the doors, then define the front fender, door frame, and truck bed.


Lastly, draw all four tires and tail lights. Add some nice rims on this pickup truck, then erase the mistakes and guides.


That's it, you are all done drawing a 2016 Ford pickup the F-150 series. Choose a color and add some life.

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October 5, 2014

Description: Here is a lesson that took a good amount of time to create from start to finish. I have been into trucks lately and because of this I wanted to make a lesson on "how to draw a 2016 F-150 Ford pickup". Instead of choosing my personal color preference which is black, I went with the typical red color to add life to this drawing. The 2016 F-150 is stylish, bold, and dependable as all Ford Trucks are. They are one of America's top pickup, and to me they are one of the best SUV manufacturers. Anyways, enjoy drawing a 2016 F-150 and I will be back with more drawing fun.

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