How to Draw a Troll

Artist: Dawn / January 3, 2008

Step 1.

Begin with an oval and a small triangular shape at the bottom of the circle. This will be the large chin of the troll and the base of the head.

Step 2.

Draw the long pointed nose and a wide spread mouth. Draw the lips nice and large. This must be realistic for the troll's disgusting teeth.

Step 3.

Draw a slit for the eye and shape out the chin a little better. Trolls have witch like noses and pointed chins. If you play World of Warcraft, you would know.

Step 4.

Draw sharp, but bare teeth. Make some of the teeth seem humanoid. Trolls are human/elf. Draw another slit underneath the line for wrinkles. A large fold of skin around the troll's mouth would do fine too. This makes it seem that the teeth are large a   

Step 5.

Draw the eyebrow nice and gruff. Add a nostril and a slight outline of the forehead. Like all males, they have an Adam's apple. Make this large though, since the beast has a cackly massive screech.

Step 6.

Draw some moles and a animal like ear. This gives a feel that the troll was once a beautiful elf but transformed into this gross beast. Some worts and marks plopped off the nose and chin would make him seem even worse!

Step 7.

Draw a long curved mow hawk type of shape. The spiky hair will be sketched out inside of this shape.

Step 8.

Start fleshing out the hair. Make the hair spiky and rough. This will give the troll a more displeasing look. Add an earing to its ear too.

Step 9.

This should what your lineart should look like. If you followed my step by step instructions, you must come out with this! Lol, the image wasn't inked, so it looks a little sloppy. A hint when drawing, always ink your lineart so it doesn't look so sk   

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: January 3, 2008
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Description: I decided to make a tutorial today on how to draw a Troll. As with the Orcs I think Trolls are just as fugly and gross. Trolls look like they smell worst though. Did you know that these beasts were once beautiful elves?! Yeah, its kinda surprising when I found this out. Trolls and orcs star in this cool online game called World of Warcraft. I love playing this game. Tons of fun. The creature I drew was an inspiration of the World of Warcraft game. The hair kinda reminds me of my grandma. Again I sketched out this drawing on a pad first then scanned it into my computer. As always I used Photoshop to make this tutorial. I kinda wanted to base this Troll on the movie Legend that was the first movie I saw that made me fall in love with these crazy creatures. Anyway have fun learning from this tutorial and give me some feed back.