How to Draw a Troll, Troll Warrior


Guide lines. Big oval for the head. Big circle for the belly. From there it's just stick figure arms and legs with balls for the joints and hands.


The original plan was to do a simple drawing, so these first steps are a bit cartoony. Oversized nose and eyebrows to make this guy look really non-human.


Large, bowl-like jaw with a pair of tusk-like teeth jutting out on either side of the nose.


Lots of detail around the eyes and forehead to make him extra ugly.


Draw in these big tufts of hair first, because they'll be covering up the ears. No sense in drawing something and then drawing over all your hard work.


Draw the ears extra lumpy and uneven to give him a beat-up, unhealthy look. One ear is bent at the base as well as the tip. Add whatever holes and jewelry you desire.


Here's the basic idea behind the hair technique. Draw in big lumps of black for the different sections of hair...


Then noodle away with squiggles and curls to achieve the desired effect. You could do this as much as you want, and add hair pretty much wherever you want on this guy.


The best advice I can give here is to turn the drawing around and use your own hand as drawing reference. The main trick is to exaggerate the knuckles and bones, as well as the angles of the wrist and fingers.


Here we'll have to imagine the arm already in place so we can draw in some light armor. I think this troll would rather steal armor or pick up something off the ground to wear, rather than fashion something himself. Keep it all very dirty-looking.


Now we can draw in the arm. The arm is lean, but muscular. Lumpy lines, spots and stray hairs add to the nasty feel.


Start the other arm with a cracked shoulder pad. I like the idea of uneven armor on this guy. I exaggerated some of the tendons a bit here.


Straying away from the guide lines a bit here. He's holding a club, so that means we need to draw the hand and fingers holding something that's not there yet. Start with the palm and thumb. Use your own hand as reference. All those wrinkles really sh   


Keep looking at your hand for reference. The pinky finger at a different angle is a fun touch here.


This guy is really hunched over, so his belly sticks out and the skin hangs all over the place. Draw in some flabby love handles. We can give him some trinkets and jewelry around the neck, and also start to detail that second arm.


Once again we're layering items on top of stuff that's not there yet. Here we'll draw the armor plates on his thighs. The belt buckle has two armor plates hanging from it. Note the little straps holding them together.


Here we can reuse the hair technique for his loin cloth. This time leave some white marks for a shine along the belt line. Add a strap across the chest, and we can finish the body's outline.


More uneven armor. The kneepad is lined with some grassy-type stuff. They kind of look like french fries, but they could just bit bristly fur. From there we can draw the opposite knee and both thighs. I decided to go back and make this guy a bit hair   


I thought it would be fun to mess around with the spacing of the toes a bit. One legs has armor, and the other has cloth wrappings. The toenails are oversized, thick and nasty.


I decided to put some giant molar teeth on this wooden club. The wood itself is old and gnarled.


Draw a large wrinkle around each tooth, as if the wood had been growing around the base of the teeth.


For a final touch, draw in some tattered ribbons hanging from the end of the club handle. This is also the time to go back and detail the face a bit more.


And there he is, in all his disgusting glory. Hope you guys had fun with this. Feel free to change up the details and add armor to create your own unique troll warrior :D

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December 5, 2013

Description: Oh my word. Not your typical troll face... but a more classic take on a troll in this tutorial. This is a more detailed, organic type of drawing, so I recommend a felt-tip pen of a 6B mechanical pencil if you're drawing by hand.

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