How to Draw a Saber Tooth Tiger

Artist: Dawn / February 25, 2008

Step 1.

Okay like always we are going to start off this first step by drawing the basic guidelines and circle shapes. Lets start on the left hand side and draw a round circle for the head. Then draw a smaller circle with two tiny circles on the side of the s   

Step 2.

Look at the image and you can see what you will be doing next. First go to the head and sketch out the face lining on the saber tooth tiger to help you draw the eyes, nose, and mouth in portion. Now you can go ahead and draw out the actual body frame   

Step 3.

Now here is where you might get a little confused when drawing out the face. The saber tooth tigers mouth is roaring open, so the easiest way to draw out the face is to start at the ears then work your way down. This is very simple if you use the ste   

Step 4.

Now all you need to do here is detail and define the saber tooth tigers face, body, and tail. Sketch in the eyes and make sure they look fierce and strong. Darken the lines over the nose, inside of the mouth, and fangs. Fluff up the cats face by ligh   

Step 5.

This is what your saber tooth tiger should look like when you are done. I left the tail long because even though they have short bob tails it looks cool to have a longer tail. The finished sketch can either contain a long or short tail what ever you    

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: February 25, 2008
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Description: In celebration to the new movie that is coming out called 10000 B.C, I will be showing you how to draw one of the coolest looking animals that ever existed, the Saber Tooth Tiger. I recently submitted a tutorial on how to draw a woolly mammoth because this is another animal that is a major character in the film. But let me tell you some interesting facts about the saber tooth tiger that you may not be aware of. First off when you think of a saber tooth you automatically think “that was a savage beast”, and I’m sure it was, but did you ever wonder why most people label this animal as a savage carnivore? Well the main reason is because they think that the saber tooth tiger is an ancestor of the tigers today. But get this, amazingly to my surprise these mammals are NOT even related to the tigers of today. “But they resemble them so much” you say, yes this may be true but these animals where much bigger than a common tiger. For one they weighed close to 500 pounds and some where even eight feet tall. Their fangs or “saber teeth” came in at 12 inches long, and did you know that the saber tooth tiger could open its mouth to over 120 degrees and sink those knife like canines into the head of its prey like butter. OUCH! These animals use to take out mammoths as well. The correct name for the saber tooth tiger is “Smilodon”, and these cat like mammals first appeared about 1.2 million years ago and has been extinct for 11,000 years already. They did infact lived during the last ice age along with other oversized animals like the giant ground sloth, mastodons, and of course mammoths. You would think they lived surrounded by snow and ice, but their habitats where surrounded by shrubs, and grass, they lived within the pine forests that flourished with herbivores, just the meal saber tooth’s like. The skull of this animal was 12 inches long, they where also very dense and very strong. This is one of the main reasons why they had no speed at all when it came to running after prey, which is why they pounced instead of run. What you probably didn’t know is that there were two kinds of saber tooth tigers, the first being a scimitar tooth and the other dirk tooth. The Smilodon which is what we are talking about today is a dirk toothed cat. This tutorial will show you how to draw a saber tooth tiger step by step. The instructions are easy to read and understand. So that is it I will see you next time.