How to Draw a Tiger

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First thing you want to do in this step is draw your guidelines. Make two perfect round circles, one on each side. This is going to be the head and back end.


Now, connect the two circles by sketching lines on the top and at the bottom of the the circle shapes. Right now your image should look like a pair of glasses and a smiley face.


What you do here is first start at the head. Sketch two triangle shapes on the corners of the head for the ears. Then move further down the face and sketch out the line art for the tigers jowls, and bottom half of the mouth. An easy way to do this is   


Stay focused on the face of the tiger and lightly sketch a straight, slightly curved line down the middle of the head which branches out to the eyes of the tiger. Move a little ways down and sketch in the nose. After the top half of the drawing is do   


Sketch some much needed definition in the head by fluffing it up with fur all around the face. Define the tigers face while you are adding the fluff. Move down to the bottom of the sketch and sketch out the toes and the ankle bone on the back inner l   


Sketching in some more definition is key in this step of the drawing. Here is were you will add the whiskers and actual eyeballs of the tiger. draw the shoulder bone definition above the front leg and fluff up the body of the cat some more with fur.


That is it you did it. Your sketch should look like or resemble this when you are done. You only have to color the image in if you want of leave it as a sketch. My sketch of the tiger is not colored in my sketch pad, I left it the way it is because i   

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January 18, 2008

Description: Okay, what is the difference between a Siberian Tiger and a Bengal Tiger? I have the answer to that question right here, first of all the, the Siberian tiger is shorter then the Bengal tiger by four inches at the shoulder. Now that I said a bit about this animal, are you ready to learn "how to draw a tiger", step by step? Males get as long as one hundred inches inches long, and over six hundred pounds. Female Siberian tiger are of course smaller then the males with weights ranging up to 375 pounds. Today this beautiful animal becomes closer to extinction with everyday that passes. Long ago back in the 1900s they roamed from places like China, and Korean Peninsula, to Russia and parts of Mongolia. “So if this tiger is an endangered species, where are they mainly found today?” you ask. Well, the Siberian Tiger is mostly found in the Far East parts of Russia. Eleven years ago their count was four hundred thirty, and that is in the wild and just three years ago after the incredible work trying to save these animals from extinction, the Russian conservation helped bring that number up to five hundred thirty. This wild cat can start producing offspring around three. What the females will do is leave urine trails for the males to pick up on. Once the two find each other, they stay together for a good week. Now the length of time that the female will carry her pups is only three and a half months, and usually deliver a litter of three to four cubs. The tiger has always been one of my very favorite animals and I put this tutorial up because they truly are beautiful creatures and they deserve to be heard. This tutorial is a breeze to learn, it only has like eight steps and the instructions I give are awesome. Once you’re done you will be so proud of yourself that you will have to step back and take a moment. Take care now, bye, bye then.

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