How to Draw Tribal Tiger Art

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Draw a circle that is medium sized. Add facial guidelines and then a set of lines for the ears. You can now move to the next drawing step.


You will now start drawing out the lining for the ears and then add the eye lines. You will draw the jowl shapes and then the beginning lines for the infused flames which look like a mane. Add some fuzz to the sides of the face near the ears as you s   


Now that you have reached step three you can continue to draw out the tribal lines that will eventually form a nice infused design with the tigers head. Finish the lines for the eyes and then add the hint of a feline nose. Add jagged lines for the ch   


Wow as you can see your tribal tiger design is coming along nicely. Add more flame lines on the tiger face and then finish off the rest of the flame lines and shapes as you see them here. This is a good time to add some of your own tribal lines of yo   


This is your last drawing step and as you can see all you have to do is draw in all the remaining flames and stripes that will finish this tribal design art. You will infuse the whiskers as well as the pupils and the rest of the facial fuzz around th   


Once you are finished you should have a very attractive tribal tiger like the one you see here. I hope you had fun learning how to draw tribal tiger art step by step. If you want you can add some color instead of the black.

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April 1, 2009

Description: I hope the last tutorial was awesome for you guys because I had a lot of fun showing you how to draw tribal skull art. Like I said in the previous description, I am going to be uploading some cool tribal art designs today because I know there is a few members that requested that I do more lessons on tribal art designs. So that is what I am doing today. I know that some of you like the new changes that I have made to the sites layout, and believe me there are more changes on the way. Let’s get back to what this lesson is going to be on shall we? I want to do a quick recap on the tribal designs that I have already submitted. So far I did a lesson on tribal dragon art and tribal skull art. I know that both will be loved and so will this next tutorial on how to draw tribal tiger art step by step. Tigers are animals that have been used as a main character for tattoos (mainly on men). All the big cats are probably the most popular out of all pets and animals to be gunned on the skin of the tattooed. Both my cousins have a black panther on their shoulders and my uncle has one on his back. All three tats are different but similar in a lot of ways. This is probably one of my favorite out of the tattoo tribal art that I drew over the past three days because it incorporates the tigers face so nicely. The only reason why I added color is so that you could see what the design looks like with added color instead of all black and white. It is now time for you to start learning how to draw tribal tiger art step by step. I hope that maybe one day, these designs will be used as tattoos for any individual that is looking to get new body art. I will be back in a bit with one more lesson so stay tuned until my return. Peace out peeps.

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