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How to Draw a Black Griffon

Artist: Dawn / February 25, 2008
How to Draw a Black Griffon

Step 1.

In this first step what you will be doing is drawing out the guidelines and circle shapes to form the inner frame of the black gryphon. Starting at the head draw a total of three shapes one being a circle and two being long rounded shapes. Now draw t   

Step 2.

Now here in this step you will draw out the outer body. Always start at the head and draw out the eras first, then the beak. Now draw the shape of the eye, after that you can draw out the feathery part of the long neck that black gryphon's usually h   

Step 3.

Step 3 is all about detailing the lower parts of the gryphon's body. Lets start by shaping out the feet and claws. They are very bold and bird like in the front, and cat like in the back. Move up to the top of the image and start sketching out the de   

Step 4.

Okay for the last step what you have to do is detail and define the entire body of the black gryphon. Half of the body contains feathers and the other half contains a mane. Take your time to detail the wings, tail, feathers, feet and make sure you gi   

Step 5.

Whala, here is what your black gryphon sketch should look like when you are completely done. See that wasn't so bad now was it. All that is left to do in this step is color your art in using any coloring tool you wish. Until next time fellow artist,    

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: February 25, 2008
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Tags: how to draw griffins, how to draw gryphons
Description: Hello, today we will be drawing the Black Gryphon. In this brief description, I will be explaining and telling the history of this creature. What is black gryphon? Is it just a gryphon that is black and has white legs? No, there is much to learn about this creature. Travelers mistook a black gryphon as an evil fiend, but they are wrong. This type of gryphon is actually friendly towards people. Fables tell how these noble beasts were cursed to have a blackened coat and monotone legs. Most black griffons are tortured by trolls, goblins, and ogres. As a matter of fact, these beautiful creatures are becoming extinct due to cruelty, slavery, and being killed for their glorious coats. The coat of a black gryphon feels like bunches of cotton. One of these coats can range up to two thousand shillings. Like most griffons, this species live in groups or packs, kinda like wolves. A mother gryphon can be very aggressive when roaming with her young. So if you’re near a mother and she has cubs, be sure to run for your life. Otherwise, you will be torn to shreds and fed to her young. On the other hand, male griffons are mellower. They fly towards harmless random travelers and give them rides as transportation to places. Sometimes they may hunt for you if you are low on supply. Some travelers have told stories about random black griffons becoming companions for a long time. These beasts make great companions because they stay true and loyal. A lot of famous warriors have black griffons as their familiar or companion too. They’re known for saving people, fighting against evil and becoming kings or queens. A black gryphon can grow up to seven feet tall and twenty feet long. The average wing span is about thirty feet long. They can live up to eighty to one hundred seventy years. Yeah, that’s pretty long for a griffon to live…especially black griffon's. An average gryphon can only live to eighty years. To find out a black gryphon’s age, just simply look how dull the coat is and this should give you a pretty good idea. If its coat is a grayish black, that means that it is really old. Usually one hundred and fifty years old. Unfortunately, male griffon's live shorter then females. So, I hope this tutorial will help you out. I drew the gryphon on a regular sketchbook and then redrawn on Adobe Photoshop CS. The coloring and background was also done in this program. I hope you enjoy this tutorial!