How to Draw a Realistic Dragon Hatchling


Let us begin by drawing two shapes, one for the head and another for the body. You will then add a neck line, arm guides and then the facial guideline.


In this step we will begin sketching out the actual shape and structure of the dragon's head, snout and mouth. The head also includes the horns so let's not forget to draw those into the head shape as well.


Next up, at the bottom of the head you just drew, start drawing the neck, baby dragon shoulders, and then the arches for the wing arms.


Let's draw the edges of the cracked dragon egg shell, and then luring from the top is where you will draw in the talon toes, or dragon fingers. They should be angled tipped and good thickness.


Are you ready to draw in the face? Good, start with the surprised look on the dragon's face. Draw in the wide open eye and be sure to include the crease or fold lines under the eye and above the eye. When that is done, draw the nostril hole, small ho   


Your dragon hatchling is coming along nicely. What you will do here is sketch out each wing, draw in the ribbed bones which creates the wings fingers. Add the small spikes that peak through on the side of the wing.


For this seventh step you will just need to draw markings on the neck and then sketch in all the texture definition on the dragon's skin. Add the skins to the nails and then add indents to the claws at the base right at the nail bed.


Before we draw in the egg shell we have to first draw in the thick, stubby baby dragon tail. Once the shape is drawn in, you can add the small spikes that run down the center of the tail. Add some skin texture detailing, then when you done with the t   


Okay guys, you are finally on the last drawing step. Just complete the shape of the shell, then sketch in all the fine lined cracks to complete the egg. Erase all the guidelines and mistakes to your dragon, then add the belly scales.


Here is what the final drawing looks like when you're done. Prepare your station with all of your coloring tools so you can get busy adding life to your drawing.

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February 3, 2017

Description: Okay guys, I have a super special lesson for all you dragon lovers out there. It took me about three hours to complete this drawing for the lesson how to draw a realistic dragon hatchling, step by step. I cannot tell you how awesome I think the painting job is on this dragon. The green hues and shading on the egg shell makes this painting job something I am very proud of. Whenever I draw dragons I always try and do something different to bring me out of my comfort zone and I think I accomplished that here today. Anyways, I do hope you all enjoy drawing this baby dragon as it is just being born or coming out of its shell. I will be back because like always I have a lot more tuts in store for all you artists out there.

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