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How to Draw a Panda Bear Cub

Artist: ZoraLink / May 30, 2011
How to Draw a Panda Bear Cub

Step 1.

To start off with this Tutorial, draw the guidelines to draw the Panda Cub. Draw two circles, one for the head and body. Then draw two intersecting lines in the head; the circle on the top.

Step 2.

Now begin to draw the Panda's body shape. Draw his head, Belly, and little ears.

Step 3.

Now we begin to add detail. Draw the lines inside both the Panda's ears. Draw the two spots on his face, and draw his two little arms.

Step 4.

Now draw the feature's on the Cub's face. Draw his two little eyes, his triangular-shaped nose, and his little mouth. Then draw his feet.

Step 5.

Now you are done! Erase all extra lines, color it, and hang it up on the fridge! A masterpiece! Thanks for using this Tutorial!

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Artist: ZoraLink
Date Added: May 30, 2011
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Tags: how to draw pandas, draw panda bears
Description: This tutorial shows you how to draw a cute little Panda Bear Cub! I doodle this a while ago so I decided, Why not make it into a tutorial? So here it is! Enjoy!