How to Draw a Halo Helmet

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Like I said in the description, you will be drawing two views of the helmet. Start by drawing out the round shapes, and then draw in the guidelines.


Now you will be drawing out the top part of the helmets design which is considered the lid or visor. The helmet in the upper right hand corner has the glass face piece already framed out like you see here.


This is a drawing of a finished Halo helmet and as you can see I pointed out some traits that should stay the same when drawing a simplified version of the helmet. For instance, the face glass should stay the same, as well as the lid or visor, and th   


Part four is where you will be drawing out the lower portion of Halo's helmet like you see here. There is some rounded angles and shapes as you can see, and there is also some simplified detailing.


I can safely say that you are almost done with this tutorial because this fifth step is basically all about drawing in the lining detailing on the top of the helmet, the jaw and side of the helmet, and on the glass of the helmet. Both views of the he   


For the last drawing step, all you need to do is draw in the vent lines, and tube holes on the jawline of the helmet like you see here. Once that is done, you're done.


This is how your finished drawing of Halo of Master Chief's helmet should look when you are all done. Now you can color it in or use what you just learned to draw Halo or Master Chief in full. Thanks guys, and great work!

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February 18, 2011

Description: I guess Halo is a lot more popular than I thought. Ever since I uploaded the latest lessons on some really cool Halo figures, I have been getting requests pouring in to do a lot more. Today I will be showing you all "how to draw a Halo helmet", step by step. I really enjoyed making this helmet because it came out so simple and neat looking. I never thought that drawing Master Chief’s helmet would or could be so easy. I just kept the basic design and style of the typical Halo helmet, but just took out some of the complicated lines and detailing associated with the head gear. In the lesson you will be drawing Halo’s helmet from two different perspectives, side view, and front view. To be honest with you, it’s kind of hard determining which one of the two sketches I like. Unlike the last two tutorials I uploaded, this lesson only has one tip step. I didn’t want to clutter the lesson with a bunch of tips because to be honest with you I already simplified the helmet to a point where it should be easy for anybody to try and tackle, even you novice artists out there. I guess that’s all I can pretty much say about this tutorial since it’s only a head piece that you will be sketching out. I hope you all have fun learning "how to draw Halo’s helmet" with this easy step by step tutorial. I shall return so keep the eyes open for more drawing fun.

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