How To Draw The Gravity Hammer From Halo 3

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Start by drawing the main outline of the hammer, start at the end of the handle and work our way up. Make sure you scale everything correctly. You may want to start by drawing it lightly, it is very easy to make mistakes. The actual axe part is actua   


Next draw the (useless) blade on the back of the hammer. Erase the line cutting off the top of the hammer. Add the line on the top to signify the blade.


Now finish it off by drawing the small little blue lights on the blade and the other small details.I did not color it but the little dots are blue, the end of the blade on the back is silver, and the rest is black. Well you just drew the Gravity H   

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May 13, 2009

Description: Everybody knows about Halo 3, the award winning game that you sit at home for hours on end until your game disk literally breaks in half. So I was surprised to see that no one posted a Halo 3 tutorial. The Gravity Hammer, Shown in Halo 2, usable in Halo 3,Halo's ultimate weapon. It is an awesome weapon, you use it by swinging it, it is a Covenant weapon, and has about 8-9 shots per round. On this tutorial I will show you how to draw this beast weapon in 3 easy steps, and if done right it looks really good, the Halo nerds at our school will think it is awesome. NOTE: I do not own Halo 3 (though I do like it) or even an Xbox for that matter, I just wanted something to draw. I don't want your gamertag. p.s. I think Timeshift is as good as Halo if not better. I hope this evokes more Halo tutorials, but please do not submit another tutorial on the gravity hammer though.

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