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How to Draw Fists

Artist: Dawn / February 18, 2011
How to Draw Fists

Step 1.

Here is a quick look on how the fist should be drawn. Number one shows you how each finger should be drawn in with an arch, and then two shows you how the knuckle lining should be, and step three shows you the creases between each finger.

Step 2.

Now the thumb should be cropped inward with the top of the thumbnail straight. The fingers should look round like a ball, and then be sure to add the definition of the wrist.

Step 3.

Finally, when you draw a fist the index finger should be folded in and resting on the thumbs tissue.

Step 4.

You will be drawing three different fists which means you have to draw three different hand shapes. Draw each shape the way you see it here and move to step two.

Step 5.

Now you can start sketching out the hands starting with the knuckles, and fingers like so.

Step 6.

Continue and complete drawing out each hand which is all the fingers thumbs, and two of the wrists. Add some knuckle detailing, and wrinkle definition.

Step 7.

For the last drawing step, sketch in the rest of the definition to the finger, and then draw out the wrinkles on each knuckle on the fist to the right. Erase the lines and shapes that you drew in step one.

Step 8.

Here is what all your fists should look like when you are all done. Just color them in and you are all done. I hope you had fun learning how to draw fists.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: February 18, 2011
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Description: I will start the drawing day with a very simple lesson that is going to show you "how to draw fists", step by step. I know what some of you are thinking, “What is the importance of drawing a fist”? Well how many characters have you drawn had their hands clutched up in a ball, or a fist? That is one of the reasons why I wanted to make this lesson, and the other reason is because someone asked me if I could make a simple tutorial on "how to draw fists". The hand is in a front face view meaning that the knuckles are in your face. This tutorial is going to be easy enough for anyone to take on because there really isn't anything hard about drawing a human fist. I guess that’s all I really have to say with this tutorial because what else is there to say about a fist? Except of course you make a fist to punch someone or something, or you make a fist to suggest that you are about to get knocked out or else. I had fun making the hand that is clutched up in a ball, and I think you will get some use from drawing a fist as well. Adios people, and have a wonderful day!