How To Draw A Guyanese Flag


It all starts with a basic shape: a rectangle.


Draw a horizontal line down the center of the rectangle. From the bottom and top left corners, draw a slanted line to where the center line and the opposite side meet. They should form a triangle with the base as the left side of the rectangle.


About 1/3 of the way along the center line, do that same thing you did in the step before. Draw slanted lines to that point from the bottom and top left corners. It should from another triangle with the base as the left side of the rectangle as well.


Erase the center line. Then double up the lines you drew earlier with parallel lines to make them look bold. And when you're done with that, you have finished the tutorial. All that's left is the specific color scheme.


The smaller triangle, closer to the left, is red and the outline around it is black. The larger triangle is bright yellow with its outline in white. The top and bottom areas that are left are colored in a light green. When you're satisfied with the c   

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July 16, 2009

Description: I've decided to show off my west Indian side by drawing a flag from one of my native countries: Guyana. Guyana is located in the northeastern part of South America. It borders the Atlantic Ocean in the north, Venezuela in the west, Brazil in the south and Suriname in the east. This flag came about when their name changed from 'Guiana' to 'Guyana' after the country gained its independence from the British on May 26, 1966. Becoming their own nation, they selected a flag through a government contest. Eventually, this flag took precedence and became the official Guyanese flag. This flag is also known as the 'Golden Arrowhead' and is basically made of two isosceles triangles pointing to the right. The green on the flag stands for the forests, vegetation and agriculture, while the white stands for the abundant water resources. The black represents the perseverance and endurance of the nation and the red stands for eagerness and enthusiasm to build their nation. the 'Golden Arrowhead', or the yellow part of the flag, represents mineral wealth and its Golden future. Now that I've killed a minute or two and you know all about the Guyanese flag, let's get started with the tutorial!

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