How to Draw a Chinese Flag

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There is no background guidelines for this tutorial on how to draw a Chinese flag. So all you have to do is draw a circle for the stars that will be drawn inside of the shape. Add the guidelines and then move on.


Use the inside guidelines to draw the stars as you see here and then move to the last drawing step because guess what? Your all done. Erase the little bit of guidelines you drew in step one and that is it!


Here is what your design should look like when you are done. Color the canvas red and then the stars either yellow or gold. I hope you had fun with this lesson on "how to draw the Chinese flag step by step".

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June 4, 2009

Description: It is now time for another flag tutorial and this time it is going to be on “how to draw a Chinese flag” step by step. The flag of China is a very simple concept to draw because it only contains a red canvas with a total of five stars. For me I am a very curious person, and because I am curious, I like to know what things mean that strike my interest. For example, did you ever wonder what the stars stand for in the Chinese flag? Well I did and here is what I learned; the Chinese flag is red in color because red is the traditional color of China and the Chinese people. As for the stars, well the stars are even more interesting. The larger star represents China’s Communism, and each one of the little gold colored stars stands for four of the four classes of people that are labeled in the country, and these classes are; peasants, workers, petit-bourgeoisie (which is a class of people belonging to the lower middle class, like minor business people, trades people and so on), and the last star stands for patriotic capitalists. Pretty interesting huh? I guess if you are form China you wouldn’t find these facts interesting, but for someone like me that has never been to the country, I find it fascinating. Did you know that China’s flag was made in 1872? It’s true, the original flag of China was of a blue dragon on a yellow canvas. The dragon represented the “Manchu Dynasty” that ruled over China for many, many years. It wasn’t until the year 1911 (following the revolt of China), that a new flag was created and changed to the one we see today. I told you that the history of the Chinese flag is pretty neat, but forget that for now because it is time to learn “how to draw the Chinese flag” step by step. Again, this is going to be simple and you will be finished in no time at all. Until next time folks!

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