How to Draw the Soviet Union Flag

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Start with a vertical line and then two horizontal lines for the hammer and sickle of the Soviet flag.


Next start drawing out the beginning lines for the handle of the sickle as you see here and then the handle and head for the hammer.


You will now draw out the single star and then draw the blade of the sickle in more detail and then more or the hammer's handle and head.


Draw an inner line inside of the star and then finish drawing the sickle blade and the hammer handle. erase the steps and you have just finished this lesson already!


Here is what your line art should look like for your flag design. Color it in yellow and then color the background red. You have just learned how to draw a Soviet Union flag step by step.

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June 7, 2009

Description: How about one more flag for the books today? I want to do a tutorial on a very simple flag that represents the Soviet Union. So I guess that means I will teach you "how to draw the Soviet flag" step by step. The history of this flag from the Soviet union is pretty interesting. Of course I am no pro at what the full history is because I am not a citizen of that country. I can however tell you what I think I do know and if anyone is from the Soviet Union, than by all means correct me if I am wrong. From what I have read all soviet flags are made with a bright colored red canvas that was a medium to bright shade. The flag has three images on it, the hammer, the sickle and a single star. Here is where it gets interesting, the sickle represents the Russian unity of the peasants, and the hammer represents the workers and how together they formed the Soviet Union. What about the single yellow star you ask? Well that star represents the life and the immense energy of the sun. It is empty because inside of the star is filled with the blood of the workers who struggled to build the Soviet Union. Now the five points on the star is a symbolization of the single unity of their government. The hammer and sickle didn’t get added to the flag until 1923 but the two objects have been in existence to symbolize the Soviet Union since 1917. There is so much history when it comes to Russia and the Soviet Union. And I am sure that I will learn even more about that part of the world in the future. But for now let me teach you "how to draw the Soviet Union flag" step by step. All you really have to do is learn how to draw the hammer, sickle, and star if you really think about it because the background is going to be colored red and the symbols are colored yellow. I hope you guys have fun with this tutorial and I also hope that you learned something new about the history of the Soviet flag. Peace out and have a blast!

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