How to Draw a Turtle

Artist: Dawn / June 8, 2009

Step 1.

This is going to be very easy. Draw the sea turtles head and then the shape of the sea turtles shell. Add the body and facial guidelines and then draw the arched lines for the turtles fins.

Step 2.

You will now start learning how to draw a sea turtles face and head. Start with the mouth shape which kind of resembles a bird. next sketch out the shape of the eye and then the wrinkly looking neck. You will then draw the top of the sea turtles face   

Step 3.

Okay lets start having fun, Sketch in the detailing to the sea turtles head and then start drawing out the scales of the sea turtles shell. The edging is misshapen circles and then the back is rocky looking.

Step 4.

You will now draw out the detailing shapes on the sea turtles shell and then draw out the sea turtles fins and or flippers. Sketch out the back end of the sea turtle and then the feet.

Step 5.

For your last drawing step all you have to so is detail and define the face and flippers of the sea turtle as you see here. erase the guidelines and shapes that you drew in step one.

Step 6.

Once you are done your line art of this sea animal should come out looking like the one you see here. Color it in and you have just learned "how to draw a sea turtle step by step".

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: June 8, 2009
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Description: I have a bunch of salt water animals that live in the ocean full time and part time. Turtles are probably one of the well known species of sea creatures that kids will look for at their favorite aquarium besides sharks, whales, dolphins, and some interesting fish. What I don’t have as a tutorial is a turtle, so that is what I will be teach you today. Learning "how to draw a sea turtle" step by step is probably one of the funnest animals to draw because you can make them as big or as small as you like. Sea turtles are different from “tortoises”. Tortoises can be very large and they mainly live on dry land. Now I was going to do a tutorial on “how to draw a tortoise” step by step, but I chose to do the sea turtle instead. These turtles are from the “chelonuioidea” family and they can be found in almost all the water around the world. Now I say almost because sea turtles do not reside in the Arctic ocean which is probably because it is way to cold for them. To my knowledge there is a total of seven different types of sea turtles and believe it or not, they are all pretty interesting looking. There is the Hawksbill, Leatherback, Olive Ridley, Kemps Ridley, the Flatback, the Loggerhead, and then of course the green sea turtle which is what I tried to draw yesterday. The reason why these turtles are so interesting is because they spend almost their whole day under the water. The only time they really come up from the water is to either breath or to lay their eggs somewhere on a beach. All sea turtles have a type of salt gland in their eyes, noses, or tongues. All sea turtles will only have one of the three salt glands located on their bodies depending on the type of turtle they are. Now I’m sure that you have all watched how a sea turtle lays their eggs at some point in your life on the discovery channel right? Well I know I have and every time I watch it, it gets more and more interesting. What the females do is crawl up on the beach and find a good spot to lay some one hundred fifty to two hundred eggs. When the spot is found the female will dig a hole with her hind flippers and then start laying her young. Once she is done she covers the trench and goes back into the sea. Now keep in mind that a sea turtle can only lay eggs after she has reached at least thirty years old and will drop eggs between two and four times in her lifetime. Pretty neat huh? After about two months the fertilized eggs will hatch and the young baby turtles dig themselves out from the sand and rush to the sea as fast as they can go. The ones that don’t make it to the water will most likely die and the ones that do make it to the water, will have to be slick so that they are not the dinner for some sea dwelling animal that preys on sea turtles for their meals. There is really so much to say about the sea turtle, but unfortunately I have more work to do which means I must depart. I will leave you all with this tutorial on “how to draw a turtle step by step". I shall return soon, peace out and have fun!