How to Draw a Dolphin

How to Draw a Dolphin
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Okay lets draw a dolphin! Start with an egg shaped circle for the front part of the dolphins head. Next draw a cone like shape for the nose, and then draw another larger cone shape for the body of this animal. Lastly, draw the shape of the tail fin,    


Draw the shape of the dolphins snout and then draw the mouth so that it is slightly open. Once that is done you can draw the shapes of the fins and or flippers, then move to the next step.


Draw the shape of the dolphins muzzle and then draw the shape of the forehead. Next draw the shape of the dolphins dorsal fin and then draw the lining for the end tail. You will also need to add some definition to the dorsal fin as you see here.


For your last drawing step you will need to draw another circle shape for the dolphins eye and then color it in. Next finish sketching out the dolphins body, and then draw out the actual shape of the tail. Erase the guidelines and shapes that you dre   


Well guys, you have just learned how to draw a dolphin step by step". How fun, and how easy was that? Color the little guy in and your good to go.

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December 6, 2009

How about another awesome lesson on a sea animal from the salt water ocean. I love animals just as much as I love dragons and dinosaurs. I figured I would do another tutorial in a more simplified style that shows you "how to draw a dolphin step by step”. Dolphins are probably one of the more fascinating animals in existence, and I think its because they are known to be very social, calm, and loving sea mammals. Dolphins are said to be THE smartest animals on the planet. And I think those researchers are right. You see, since the beginning of our knowledge that dolphins existed, we have been freely mingling in their lives to study these amazing animals. Because we were so curious about this sea creature, it was through the hand of humans that reduced the dolphin population significantly. Nowadays we have eased up a bit and gave these creatures more space, but sadly we still do cause a threat for their very existence. Why would we want to jeopardize the lives of these wonderful mammals that can do so many extraordinary things. For instance, did you know that dolphins an swim up to two hundred sixty miles below the surface of the sea? It's true, dolphins do have that very awesome capability, but because they need air to breath, dolphins need to rise to the top every once in a while. Dolphins need air about every fifteen minutes or else they will drown. Did you know that the Orca is the largest dolphin in existence? Yup, the black and white mammal that we know as the “killer whale”, really isn't a whale at all, they are in fact dolphins. In order for these warm blooded animals to retain their body heat, they have layers upon layers of fat called “blubber”. This blubber keeps their body at a steady thirty six degrees. All in all these animals are great and I know that you guys will get a kick out of this tutorial that teaches you “<b>how to draw a dolphin step by step</b>”. I have so much more to submit, so join me later today today to see what pops up next.

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