How to Draw a Doll

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You will draw a circle for the head of the doll and then add the facial guidelines. Next draw out the shoulder lines and then then body's line of position including the legs.


You will now draw out the shape of the doll eyes using the guidelines you drew in step one. Next add the top lip line and then the shape of the lower part of the jaw. You will then add the beginning lines for her bow that is off to the left side. You   


You will draw out the shape of the back of her bonnet and then the shape of her arms and hands including the finger lines. Next draw out the shape of the dress and then the back of the right leg and foot. See how easy this is so far?


As you can see you will now start drawing out the shape of her tall southern bell bonnet. Once that is done you will continue to draw out the large tied up bow. Then draw the collar lining and detail her the top of her dress. Add the crinkle or creas   


This is your last drawing step and all I want you to do now is draw out the curly hair that you see in front of her head and then the rest of the bonnet in the back. Color in her eyes and add the swirls to the tips of her curls and then detail the ti   


You need to grab some coloring supplies now that you have finished learning how to draw a doll step by step. I hope you had fun and as you know you did an awesome job on this online drawing tutorial lesson.

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March 22, 2009

Description: This is going to be a very simple tutorial on how to draw a doll step by step. The world is filled with all kinds of different types of dolls and it is also filled with all different types of people that buy and play with them. Dolls are usually used by little girls so that they can play mommy with them, and other times adults collect dolls that are a part of a collection. At first I wanted to do a lesson on how to draw a porcelain doll but then I thought that maybe a regular baby doll would be better. I was still stuck between the two so what I did was combine the look of a baby doll with a porcelain doll. That way there you get the best of both worlds. The best part of this lesson is drawing out the cute face. As a matter of fact I should submit a tutorial on how to draw a doll face too since that is a very popular image that kids and adults like to do. Anyways, I hope you guys and girls have fun learning how to draw a doll step by step. When you are done you can color in and decorate the doll clothes any way you wish. I hope you like this one it was rather simple for me to do so I know it won’t be that bad on you. I shall return yet again.

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