How to Draw Barbie

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Step one is always simple to do. You will be drawing out the guidelines and circle shapes to form the lined frame of Barbie. First start by drawing a small oval circle for the head and face. Then draw a slightly bigger circle for the chest and anothe   


Your already almost done. Here is where you will be drawing the definition on the skirt, and drawing the details on the wings, face, hands, and hair. Starting at the face sketch out her eyes, nose, and mouth. Detail the strands of hair a bit and sket   


Here is where you will spend most of your time with Barbie or should I say Mariposa. Sketch out the definintion to her lovely blonde hair and draw out the entire pattern to her beautiful wings. You can't be a butterfly fairy without beautifully drawn   


And finally this is what your finished Mariposa Barbie should look like. All that is left to do is color her in with vibrant pink and purple colors. That concludes the tutorial on how to draw Barbie as Mariposa.

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March 2, 2008

Description: This tutorial will be on "how to draw Barbie"" from the new movie Mariposa. Why Barbie you ask? Well for one she is an icon for many little girls, and two, I find her movies entertaining and at times comical, but not to often. I will give you a brief run down on Barbie like when she first was created, and her first movie debut, and other stuff related to this fashion doll icon. It all began back in 1956 when a woman named Ruth Handler had an idea to design a doll for her daughter Barbara to play with appose to the paper dolls that she was left to dress up and play with. In 1959 the first Barbie was released, she wore a black zebra stripped bathing suit and had her hair in a typical 50s bun. The doll was given the name after the daughter of Ruth Handler. The doll was sold either as a blonde or brunette, and during the first year of the dolls release it sold well over 300,000 units. Now most people wouldn’t think that Barbie had an actual full name, but the fact is she does indeed. Barbie Millicent Roberts is her full name and she was originally created to be a teenaged doll that attended high school and everything. As we all know the Mattel toy company owns the rights to Barbie, the image and make of the doll was replicated from a doll called “Bild Lilli” from a German toy company, they later sold the rights to the doll over to Mattel in 1964. Barbie’s long time companion “Ken” didn’t make his first appearance until 1961. He was also named after the child of Ruth Handler, her son was named Kenneth. Although Ken and Barbie shared many years together, back in 2004 it was made official that the two decided to go their separate ways and date other people. The dolls image has changed a lot over the years, and to accommodate the growing population of avid movies lovers a series of animated Barbie flicks have been created like, The Barbie diaries, and the Nutcracker. There is a whole lot more to list but I really don’t remember them all, but they usually are remakes of popular tales told throughout time like Rapunzel, and the Princess and the Pauper. Even though I like those movies my favorites have to be the fantasy ones like Fairytopia and the new one Mariposa. So that is the story on Barbie and that is why I wanted to make a tutorial on her. I think she is cool, hip, and pretty.I basically used the cover of the dvd to sketch out the image of Mariposa and did all the coloring in PS. This tutorial will show you "how to draw Barbie" as Mariposa with 4 simple steps.

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