How To Draw A Bentley

Artist: CarMasterG9 / August 14, 2009

Step 1.

Draw the outline of the car.

Step 2.

Draw in the two tires and the design for the rims. Draw the grille in the front and a few ovals and circles for the headlights.

Step 3.

Draw a grid weavepattern on the grille. Draw in the vents on the bumper and the side view mirror. Draw the windshield and the side windows. Then draw in the details on the metal of the car.

Step 4.

Draw the handle on the side door and sketch out the interior. Also, draw a curved line on the hood to show a small bend in the metal.

Step 5.

Darken in everything and make sure you have all the details and you are finished!

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Artist: CarMasterG9
Date Added: August 14, 2009
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Description: This is only my third tutorial. And this is another one of my favorite cars ever. I hope you enjoy it.