How to Draw a BMW

Artist: CarMasterG9 / November 28, 2009

Step 1.

first,draw the outline of the car

Step 2.

next, add in the lights,gas tank door ,antenna(rear part of roof),exaust and the front license plate bracket

Step 3.

then you add in the door and the sideview mirror

Step 4.

now you will draw the wheel and rim BUT BE SURE THAT PART OF IT IS BEHIND BODY!!!!!!!

Step 5.

next you add in the detail lines

Step 6.

finally you add in some color if you wish, you can add in the roaders, spoiler, and the hood scoop.

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Artist: CarMasterG9
Date Added: November 28, 2009
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Description: A turtorial on "how to draw a 2008 Bmw M5 step by step".