How to Draw a Car

Artist: Dawn / June 18, 2010

Step 1.

You will start your first step by drawing the shape of a lemon, and then adding a sole like shape along the bottom like you see here. This is where the tires, and molding are going to be drawn on.

Step 2.

You will now begin drawing out the actual outline of the sports car design that you see here. If you would like to change the shape or body, you can do so. Once the outline is drawn out, you can make the lining for the wheel wells.

Step 3.

It's now time to start drawing the hood, roof, and the side lines where the door is. This is a two door design so keep that in mind. Add some lines for the hood scoop. Draw the driver side mirror, and then the back and front windows and or windshield   

Step 4.

Finish drawing the front of the scoop, and then begin drawing the small front grill, and headlights. Next, add more detailing and definition to the cars bumper. When that is done you can draw out the shapes of the tires. I drew the back tire larger t   

Step 5.

The last thing you need to do is draw out the rims, and then draw the fog lights, spoilers, and other detailing that I added to the car's design. Begin erasing the guidelines and shapes that you drew in step one to clean up the drawing.

Step 6.

when you are done, you should have a finished drawing that looks like the one you see here. Color it in using any shade of your choice, and then that's it, you just taught yourself how to draw a car, just by using this tutorial. Good work!

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: June 18, 2010
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Description: Holy crap cars? Who ever thought that cars was so cool. I for one sometimes hate drawing cars, but I love making new pictures and lessons of easy or simple looking cars once in a while. Yesterday, someone asked me if I could do a plain old tutorial on "how to draw a car", but in the form of a Hot Wheels. So, I thought that would be a fun drawing to make, which is why I went ahead and did the lesson. As far as making the vehicle look like the popular toy model brand Hot Wheels, I think I did a pretty good job. I colored the drawing a nice vibrant blue because that is a typical advertisement color when a company puts out an ad campaign to introduce a new line of GM or Ford models for the upcoming year. Of course red is the next popular color, but I already colored the simple car I drew a few weeks ago red. Anyways, I really like the way this drawing came out, and my uncle really liked it too. The style, and pose of the car, makes wanting to draw this vehicle, rather tempting. When drawing a car, you can have as much fun as you want because building the body frame, and type, takes a lot of creativity. If you read the directions, and follow the steps provided, you too will create a cool looking car that is cool, and furious looking. After I was done with the sketch, I had an urge to draw a hot rod like you wouldn’t believe. Well, that’s all I have to say for this tutorial, I will be back with a few more in a minute. In the mean time have fun, and don’t overwork yourself too hard especially if its hot where you are. Peace peeps!