How to Draw a Chibi Furry


Let's begin. Go ahead and start drawing the guidelines and shapes that will form the frame that we will work with to draw a chibi Furry. The circle is for the head and there are facial guidelines too. Another smaller circle for the body and then the    


Using the guide shape you made for the face and head, go ahead and draw the profile of the chibi Furry's face. Don't forget the shape for the ear as well.


Now we will work on the hair which in this Furry it is a mohawk style. Add the detailing to the inside of the ear and make the tuft of fur in the ear too.


Next, draw in and color two eyes. They are like a bead style eye. Add the brows and nose as well as the adorable smile.


Draw the front part of the body and then draw in the one arm and small paw. Color in paw pads and add definition to the arm and chest.


Now you can work on the first leg and foot. Add the lines for the toes and create the toe arch with a small dash across the toes. Draw in the other arm too. Notice the hand or paw resting on the hip.


Okay, draw the pant line and then draw in the buckle which has the emblem of a paw print.


For the last drawing step you will draw the other leg and back paw. When the foot is done you can draw in the long bushy tail.


When you have erased all the mistakes and guidelines, your line art should look like the drawing you see here. It's now time to color in your chibi Furry.

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March 21, 2019

Description: I'm sure many of you have heard of this craze that's going around with these beings called Furries. I read in a Facebook group someone asked the question "why are flurries so popular?" I wanted the answer as much as the person who asked the question. Back in my time Furries were just called anthro. Now that are called Furries. Well, here is how to draw a chibi Furry, step by step. As you can tell I chose the wolf as the animal to base my Furry from. I like the outcome even though I haven't drawn Anthro or Furry style in a while. I might do another animal in Furry form, but what animal will that be? Okay guys, have fun with drawing my version of a chibi Furry. Adios amigos.

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