How to Draw Detective Pikachu


Okay guys, here we go. Start with the shapes for the head and body and then draw the guidelines for the face, ears and one arm.


Using the shape you just drew in step one, go ahead and draw out the actual structure of Pikachu's head shape. Don't forget to incorporate the ears too and add the tip lines at the tops of the ears.


Now you will draw in the detective style hat that Pikachu wears and believe it or not, but these hat's actually have a name. They are called deerstalker caps.


We will now use the facial guidelines to draw in Pikachu's eyes, nose and mouth. As you can see he has an expressive look on his face as if to say he means business. Draw the circles on the cheeks and then proceed to the next drawing step.


We will now work on Pikachu's body starting with the chubby looking stubby arms. We will also need to draw Detective Pikachu's small hands in as well.


Go ahead and draw in the body. Continue with the lining where you left off when drawing in the arms. Don't forget the small rat like feet too.


Now Detective Pikachu is all done we can draw in his magnifying glass which he is holding in his left hand. Take your time with this task as it can be a little tricky.


Lastly, draw in the trail of footprints which Detective Pikachu is tracking. When that is done you can erase the mistakes and all the guides.


You can now have fun coloring in Detective Pikachu. He looks exactly the same as he does in Pokemon, the only difference is he is wearing a deerstalker.

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March 19, 2019

Description: Hello once again one and all. Welcome back to another exciting lesson here on Today I have two drawing tutorials with the first one being how to draw POKÉMON Detective Pikachu, step by step. For those of you that don't know, there is a lifelike movie coming out featuring your favorite Pokemon characters like Bulbasaur and Jigglypuff. I guess Pikachu helps a young man help solve the mystery with his father's disappearance. Detective Pikachu is going to be voiced by Ryan Reynolds and it's expected to be a blockbuster hit. I am actually looking forward to the movie and if you want to make sure you catch it in theaters the release date is May 10, 2019. I hope you have fun with drawing Detective Pikachu as much as I did making the lesson. I shall be back with my other tut in a bit so stay tuned in.

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