How to Draw a Caricature

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Let's draw our first ever caricature shall we? Start with a circle for the top of Santa's head and then draw another shape in the form of an egg. You will then draw the facial guidelines and then draw the outlined shape of his beard.


Now you will sketch out the inflated shape of his nose like you see here and then draw his eyes small. Sketch in some wrinkles around the eyes like you see here and then move to the next drawing step on how to draw a caricature.


Now you can start sketching out the shape of his caricature cheeks and then add the eyeballs in his eyes. Sketch out his thick old man eyebrows, and then draw the lid line for his hat. Next draw the mustache and his bottom lip just under his nose and   


For your last drawing step all yo have to do is sketch out the rest of his Santa's hat and then add some crease detailing. Next sketch out the fullness of his big white beard and then be sure to sketch in some definition as well. You have finished dr   


Here is what your caricature of Santa Claus should look like. Color him in and you are all done. I hope you found this lesson on "how to draw a caricature step by step useful and fun. Join me next time for more drawing excitement.

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December 10, 2009

Description: Well guys it is time for a submission on Dragoart's very first caricature drawing lesson. I have been practicing for so long to draw these funny looking faces and I am finally confident in my drawing technique to submit the first ever “how to draw a caricature step by step”. What better face to use for my first caricature than Santa's. I figured since it was close to Christmas, and also since I couldn't find one anywhere, drawing a Santa Claus caricature would be the ultimate concept to start off with. Caricatures are nothing more then over exaggerated drawings of people whether it be someone famous, or someone like you and I. People are not only drawn as caricatures, objects and animals are too. When you draw a caricature, all you are really doing is either accentuating the characteristics of a person, animal or thing by inflating a forehead, the ears, nose, mouth, or even the eyes. For someone like Will Smith, if you where to draw a portrait of his face as a caricature, you would inflate his ears, and make his eyes small, and then widen his nose. What ever the person is known for, that is what you focus on when drawing a caricature. Angelina Jolie would have her lips inflated with a slit on her bottom lip. Her eyes would also be accentuated too. Of course not everyone is entertained by having there faces drawn as a caricature because sometimes they are seen as offensive. Me personally, I think they are awesome and I know for a fact that I will be drawing caricatures a lot more often. When you want to learn “how to draw caricatures step by step”, all you have to do is find a awesome tutorial, or try sketching one out based on the factors I listed for you. I'm not gonna lie, learning how to draw a caricature is a bit difficult, but if you take your time and be patient, I am confident that you can do it. As for the Santa caricature I drew, all I did was inflate his nose, and cheeks, and draw a small Santa hat on his big face. His beard is a bit exaggerated too but all in all I think it came out awesome. If any of you artists out there know how to draw caricatures, submit a tutorial on one. I would love to have some other lessons in this category except for mine. Anyways I will leave you to this tutorial, have fun with it, and remember to experiment with the caricature to add your own personal touches. Have fun and Merry Christmas!

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