How to Draw a Christmas Skull

How to Draw a Christmas Skull
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The first step is all about drawing guidelines and shapes. Start with a circle for the skulls head and then add the facial guidelines. You will then draw the bottom shape for the jaw and then draw the outline for the beard. Lastly, add the line for t   


Here you will sketch out the skull eyes and then color them completely in. Once that is done you can then define around the eyes by adding brow definition and socket depth.


Sketch out the bony cheeks and then draw out the skeletal teeth as you see here. Make sure you add definition and detail to the upper jaw to show each tooth socket. Add some detailing to the predominate cheeks and then move to the next step.


The Christmas skull is coming out so rad isn't it? Now you will sketch out the Santa hat and be sure to draw a mini skull outline for the ball at the tip of the hat. Once that is done add some creases and folds to the hat as well as detailing to the    


For your last drawing step all you have to do is first sketch out the rest of the mini skulls face in which includes the eyes and nose. Next draw out the entire shape of the beard and then scruff it up big time. Draw whiskers from every direction, an   


Now that your skull is cleaned up a bit, you can start coloring it in. That does it for this tutorial on "how to draw a Christmas skull step by step". Hope you enjoyed yourselves, and be sure to join me again for more drawing fun.

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December 10, 2009

Yesterday when I was drawing live I decided that I needed to draw something that was edgy as well as cool. Drawing skulls have become a passion of mine for a while now and I am always coming up with innovative ideas for drawing different types of skulls. If you go into the skulls section under “pop culture”, you will see all the different skulls I have drawn over time. Some of my favorite skulls is the soldier skull, the punk skull, the bloody skull, and some other ones that I don't feel like naming right now. There is also some other cool skull drawings that you can check out in the tattoo section too. There you will find some pretty intense drawings that are good enough to be inked on the skin of any man or woman. For my next skull tutorial I will gear the creation toward the holidays. Everyone loves Jack Skellington right? Well, inspired by Jack's face I will show you “<b>how to draw a Christmas skull</b>”. The skull came out so cool and if I had the time yesterday I would have submitted it. Instead of drawing blood and gore, I chose to go on a much cleaner route. I sketched out a cool looking skull head, and then added a Santa hat with a skull for the bell tip, and then a scruffy looking white beard with peppermint candy stuck all over it. The un-groomed look of the beard is conveyed by adding some single whisker hair pieces along the edge of the beard. I really did have so much fun when I drew this skull. To add some festive color to the design, I colored in some teeth a Christmas green, as well as add some green strips on the bony face. There is so many possibilities when it comes to drawing out skulls. As a matter of fact the ideas are absolutely endless. You can just pick a subject and start from there. Like, when I was thinking about Christmas the same time I was wondering what I should draw new for the holidays that wasn't boring. I looked over to my right and saw the soldier skull in the top 50. At that moment I knew what I was going to draw live. I know you guys will like this lesson because those of you that joined me in the live draw room asked for me to submit it. I will now grant your wish so that you can recreate the fun we had yesterday when I showed you “<b>how to draw a Christmas skull step by step</b>”. Have fun with it, and remember to add your own personalization to make it your own. Peace people and happy drawing.

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