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How to Draw a Beautiful Woman

Artist: pericusmaximus / December 1, 2012
How to Draw a Beautiful Woman

Step 1.

Setting up the main construction lines

Step 2.

More construction lines, paying attention to the positions of all elements and trying to link them all together

Step 3.

I start to smudge the lines and add up an initial tone

Step 4.

Adding up more tone and correcting proportions

Step 5.

I start to focus on dominant tone and value instead of thinking of lines, I add up more tone and try to squint to see the reference

Step 6.

I continue to define the tone with more accuracy and I correct proportions step by step

Step 7.

Here the dominant tone and value is almost correct and proportions have been corrected as much as I can

Step 8.

Here I work the highlights and darkest values, always at the end! If you want more join me at http://www.art-and-supplies.com/

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Artist: pericusmaximus
Date Added: December 1, 2012
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Tags: how to draw faces, how to draw women
Description: This is a step by step drawing of a beautiful woman.