How to Draw Karate SpongeBob


You will make a 3-D block or square shape like so, then add the facial guidelines.


Next, begin drawing SpongeBob's square body using a wavy textured pattern.


Here you will add the brows and noodle like nose.


Next, draw in the circular eyes, bubble style cheeks, and then his smile with his two front square teeth. Make sure you make the indent marks under each tooth.


Color in the pupils and add the freckles on his cheeks.


Draw the headband that is wrapped on the forehead, then draw the definition line down the side of his body. You will also add the holes that are associated with sponges.


Here you will draw in his leg and pant line at the cuff.


Draw SpongeBob's ankle and foot which is in a 3-D like pose. Add the dimple at the bottom of his foot, then move to step nine.


Here you will draw in SpongeBob's arms, sleeves, and hands.


Draw the belt and knot in the center like so, then proceed to step eleven.


Finish drawing SpongeBob's body in the form of his Karate gi pants, and as you can see his left leg is bent.


Lastly, draw the ankle and smaller foot. Erase all the mistakes then you are done.


Here is the finished line art for your Karate style SpongeBob Squarepants drawing. Color him in and that's it.

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April 20, 2014

Description: I simply love this lesson on how to draw Karate SpongeBob, step by step. I have done my fair share of SpongeBob Squarepants characters in the past, but I never did one on him in one of his famous poses, a karate kick pose. Sometime you will see SpongeBob and Sandy with their Karate spotting gi on (which are head pads and gloves), but this is the style I like best. A typical white colored gi, and black belt as well as a black headband. If you love SpongeBob as much as I do, you will have a blast with drawing a Karate form of adorable self. Adios folks and stay tuned in for more.

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