Drawing Saber From Fate Zero


First, ever so lightly draw the guidelines for the beginning stages of Saber's body shape.


Next, draw her face shape FIRST then the hair which flows and frames around her face.


Continue by drawing more of her long flowing hair.


Next, drawing more of the hair which will be hidden mostly behind her body.


Then, draw her facial features and the necklace around her neck.


Start drawing her body shape starting with her shoulders/arms and then her torso.


Now we're going to detail the clothing and torso area. Use thinner lines for this part.


After all is drawn, you should result with something like this! Erase your initial guidelines and trace over your lines with a sharpie or pen. Thanks for joining me once again, peeps, join me for another tomorrow!

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January 26, 2022

Description: Whoa, did I hear you guys want MORE anime tuts? How about more characters from the popular anime Fate/Stay Night? In this lesson, we will be learning 'how to draw Artoria Pendragon step by step' or in other words 'saber'. This tutorial has been a favorite of mine that I've done in the past few days and I know you anime fanatics are going to enjoy this one. I had a lot of fun drawing her and painting the pretty flowers and the colors of her outfit. Let me know whatcha' think in the comments below or if you have requests for other characters from this anime show!

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