How to Draw a Zombie Puppy, Zombie Puppy


Simply start by making a circle for the dogs head and then add a face guide.


For the second step you will enjoy sketching out the actual shape and structure for the zombie puppy's face. Start at the base of the head, and then draw in the snout and left side of the face like you see here.


You will continue to work on getting the puppy's head all drawn in. This is going to include the large pointed ears like so, and the inner parts of the ear should have tears, and rips. Sketch out the right side of the face as well as the jaw line, an   


Finish the head and face by sketching out the exposed muscle tissue, and then draw out the eyes, nose tip, and then darken the lining around the eye. Sketch in some detailing and definition like so, and move to step five.


Okay guys, you are now ready to start tackling the body. Draw a thick neck, and then draw out the front legs and paws like so. Notice that the puppy


Now it's time to draw out the back line and then draw out the spine bones, and then draw out the hind leg, back paw, and then the bushy tail. The tail is actually the only thing that looks normal on this hell hound.


Here you will finish the drawing by sketching in the torn pieces of flesh which then exposes the muscles and other slimy tissue. Sketch the detailing or definition to add texture to the raw tissue.


Here is the line are when you are all done. Now you can color in your zombie pooch and finish off what you have started.

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September 9, 2011

Description: Hey guys, I fear that the drawing day is going to be long for me because I have so many lessons to upload. I’m going to start off by showing you "how to draw a zombie puppy", step by step. This is actually for all you guys that have been waiting for the puppy version of the zombie dog tattoo that I drew a few days ago. The puppy is a very cute, but gross looking Doberman breed. If you’re worried about not being able to tackle this feat, have no worries because I tried to break down the drawing in a very simple to understand manner. If you are a beginning artist or have not been drawing for a while, you may come across some bumps in the road. Other than that it should be fun for you to draw a zombie puppy. I hope you enjoy this submission; I will be back in a few so try and stay tuned in. Peace out people and enjoy the day!

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