How to Draw Toad

Artist: Dawn / August 22, 2008

Step 1.

Okay in this first easy step you will start by drawing out an acorn shaped circle for the lower part of his head which is the face. Draw in the facial guidelines and then draw out his over sized tear drop body and circle shaped feet.

Step 2.

In this next step you will draw a huge circle for his mushroom top and then give him a nice wide open mouth that is smiling at you. You will now draw the lines for his vest and begin shaping out his arms and hands.

Step 3.

Okay well believe it or not this is your last drawing step. The first thing you will do is draw out his eye on the right and just make a "U" for his closed eye that is winking at you. Next detail his vest with a line to thicken the look. You will the   

Step 4.

And here you are, your very own Toad in the sketch. All you have to do now is color him in using just red, blue brown and yellow. You have just completed this tutorial on how to draw Toad from Super Mario Bros. step by step. I hope you had fun and I    

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: August 22, 2008
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Description: Hello again my fellow artist friends and welcome back to another drawing tutorial on this awesome website. I told you earlier that I would be back with another tutorial so, here I am. In this fun filled learning session I am going to show you all "how to draw Toad" from Super Mario Bros. Toad is a character that is not often seen in the Mario Bros. series. Instead he randomly makes appearances in select levels of the game. What is Toad exactly? Well, he is sort of like a humanoid mushroom character that belongs to the Mushroom People race that resides in Mushroom Kingdom. You will often see Toad at the end of different stages that are completed by either Mario or Luigi. Toad began his career in the very first Mario Bros. game followed by Super Mario 2 and Mario Kart. It wasn’t until Mario Party 5 was released that Toad became a playable character. His fame as being one of the main Playable characters led him to continue his career in the following Mario Party 6, Mario Party 7 and Mario Party 8. After Toad made his rise to fame he became a more recognizable character by gamers and developers. This tutorial was a real easy one to draw. His body shape is basically all circles. The hardest part of this character to draw is his hands and that is only because they are so small. At first I colored his mushroom top red with white circles, but then my brother looked at my finished drawing and said “the top of his head is white with red circles”. I was like oh, okay, so then I changed it. I think that Toad came out really cute and like Princess Peach I wanted him to wink at the viewer. There are a total of four simple steps when you tackle this tutorial. I will show you how to draw Toad from Super Mario Bros. step by step with wicked easy instructions. I know you will have fun with this one especially if you are a novice artist. I will be back with another tutorial for you all so stick around and don’t go anywhere. Peace out and stay busy.