How to Draw Princess Peach

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Lets start this first step with a long shaped round circle for the Princess's face and also add the facial guidelines as well. Next draw out the the shape for her small torso, puffed sleeves and the shape for her lovely dress. Now you can add the rem   


Now here in this step you will start to add lines and shapes to help bring out Princess Peach's beauty. First you will work from the top down staring with the crown by adding the spikes for her crown and then the circles for the jewels. Now you can d   


Next in this step you will draw in the detailing on the left side of her face. Start with the shape of her round looking ear as well as her oversized pearl looking earing. Finish off the shape of her face as well as drawing in more hair on both side   


In this last step you will finish off the drawing and shaping to the left side of her hair and then the right. Give her a tongue and a big pearl on her chest. You can erase the guidelines and shapes that you drew in step one to clean up your sketch o   


This is what your Princess Peach should look like when you are totally done. All that is left to do is color her in with her pretty pink colors and then put her along side of Mario and Luigi. That completes this tutorial I hope you like learning how    

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August 2, 2008

Description: Hello people and welcome back once again to your friendly drawing site, Today I thought it would be a perfect day to submit two tutorials in the same category. These game play characters are well loved and are famous around the world. The inspiration came to me for my drawings when it started raining and thundering out. The thunder was so loud that I really thought the sound of crashing boulders was in my backyard. How did this particular storm inspire me you ask? Well, I would have to reply with my humble response. The very first day that my brother and I bought Paper Mario for our Nintendo, it was about to rain. When we came home and actually started playing the game it started to thunder. The storm lasted for a good 45 minutes and all the while we were jamming away on our new game. Memories will randomly come in and out of my mind like money flows in and out of my pocket, so, having said all that I did, let me tell you who you will be learning how to draw. The first tutorial I drew was on how to draw Princess Peach from Paper Mario and that is what you will be learning to do today with me, Dragon_King. Let’s talk a little about Princess Peach shall we. First off she is the damsel that is always in distress that Mario rescues from Bowser. She first started out with the name Princess Toadstool if you don’t remember and she later changed her name in 1996 when the Nintendo 64 made its debut. I have to say my all time favorite Mario game was in fact Super Mario Bros 3. I love that game because Mario turns into a flying raccoon, and you get to play different types of games like mix and match. I even like when Mario would get on his boat and go across the sea to an island to open treasure chests. That game was the ultimate for me. My brother and I used to stay up way past our bed time playing that game. Of course our parents thought we were sleeping when we weren’t. Ahhh yes, those were the days playing and being silly kids when all we thought about was Mario and Princess Peach. The older and more advanced the Mario games got, the better looking Princess Peach became. I chose to do the Paper Mario version of Peach because that is when she was the cutest. Anyways I hope you like this tutorial on how to draw Princess Peach from Paper Mario step by step. The instructions will show you how easy this tutorial is and when you are done you can add her to your drawing collection. Have fun and Peace out. Stay tuned for the second addition to my Mario madness.

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