How to Draw a Halloween Scene


Begin the picture with some basic guides to create the boy, girl and dog from. Don't get fancy yet, this is just to lay out their poses and make sure proportions are correct!


Now it's time to flesh out their bodies over the guides we drew. Go ahead and outline their clothes and hair, as well as their candy totes.


Erase your guides and begin to map out the background. Get in the basic shapes of the neighborhood, including the trees, houses and fence.


Now that everything is laid out it's time to add some details! Begin with the girl's face and costume, then move on to the dog and his costume.


Now it's time to flesh out the boy's skeleton costume. He is holding a glow stick in his free hand to help light their way home. His eyes, nose and mouth are blacked out with makeup to make his face look like a skull.


We're getting there! Time to add the finishing details on the background. Some decorations at the house they're approaching makes it seem welcoming. Adding the crescent moon makes the scene more Halloween-y.


Time to do some shading and add finishing touches to our trick-or-treaters!


And we're finished! Feel free to do some more shading in the background to give your picture more depth.

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October 31, 2017

Description: Halloween is almost here! To celebrate, here's how to draw a scene of trick-or-treaters on their way home with loads of loot. It's a bit long, but well worth it. I based the costumes off what my brother and I wore as kids. What are you all going to dress as this year?

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