How to Draw Girls

Artist: SwinS / October 27, 2009

Step 1.

Firstly it's a good idea to begin with basic shapes and loose lines to get the basics of the poses down. It's important, also, to include anything the girls are interacting with. The girl with pigtails will be sitting on a desk, so I included that fr   

Step 2.

Now it's time to take this skeletons we've set up and flesh them out into a couple girls. Use the circles placed at joints to round out their shoulders, knees, etc. Don't add too much detail now, but it's okay to begin with some simple faces and hair   

Step 3.

Now that you have the anatomy and general structure down it's time to get to the fun parts! You can begin to erase your sketching from earlier as you begin to form the girls' clothing. Don't get ahead of yourself by adding things like wrinkles or pat   

Step 4.

At last, it's time to add the finishing details. Little wrinkles will make your cartoon style characters come to life, making their limbs seem more three-dimensional. Seams, buttons, buckles, shoelaces and patterns all add character to the girls. You   

Step 5.

Go over everything one last time to make sure none of your outline sketches from earlier are still there. And, once you do that, you're finished!

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Artist: SwinS
Date Added: October 27, 2009
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Description: I noticed that this website has hot girls, bad girls, Gothic girls, geisha girls... but not many our viewers can directly relate to. I decided to ere in that direction, choosing to make a tutorial featuring two wonderfully average high school-aged friends. "Normal" isn't always boring, look how cute they are!