How to Draw Wooloo


Make two round shapes. One large for the body and one smaller shape for the head.


Go ahead and draw the top shape of the head and the round loop like bangs as well as the braid.


Finish the braid and end.


Now draw the profile for Wooloo's face and then the eye, nose and mouth.


Next, draw the ear and the other braid.


You can draw the body which is an outline made in a cloud like fashion.


Lastly, draw Wooloo's legs and hooves. Erase the mistakes and guides.


Color Wooloo in and you can show off the finished work.

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August 23, 2021

Description: Hey everyone. I have for you another Pokemon and this one is a new species from Pokémon Sword and Shield. Supposedly Wooloo has taken out Sobble's position as being a fan favorite. Now Wooloo is so fluffy and cute with it's round body and long braided strands, that people are just falling in love with this Pokemon. I had a lot of fun with drawing Wooloo and turning it into a lesson. I hope all of you who have been waiting to learn how to draw Wooloo will have fun with this tut. I shall be back so stick around or come back around.

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