How to Draw a Celtic Sun Design

Artist: Dawn / October 16, 2008

Step 1.

Okay are you ready to start this tutorial lesson on a tribal sun? Great, start this step by drawing three circles. One is large and the other two are similar in size. When you are done with this step you should have an image that looks like a record.   

Step 2.

Okay now that you have a basic shape of the Celtic sun you can start adding the sun flame swirls with the majority of the flames being at the top. Now that the sun flame swirls are drawing in you will start adding the lining design on the face starti   

Step 3.

Now That you have made it to the third step you are almost done with this tattoo design tutorial. What you will do next is draw the remaining lines for the top flames and then start skecthing in the flames for the bottom of the sun. You will then add   

Step 4.

Okay you finally made it to the last step and I bet you must be excited about that huh? Sweet, now what you will do here is first finish the sun flame shapes as shown and then add the tribal design lines that covers the face of the Celtic sun. One yo   

Step 5.

And here you have it. You are finally done. All you have to do now is color him in any shade you like. Well I hope you enjoyed this drawing tutorial lesson on how to draw a Celtic sun design step by step. I will be back with two more tutorials in a b   

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: October 16, 2008
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Description: Oh man, those last two tutorials are pretty sweet right? I know they are so cool. I have been waiting to upload some cool looking drawing tutorials instead of those blah tutorials like how to draw couches and beds and things like that. It is time for me to get back to what I do best, drawing wicked art. This next tutorial is going to be on a tattoo design that my father has on his left shoulder. In this next drawing lesson you will be learning how to draw a Celtic sun design step by step. Now the meaning of a Celtic sun is some what shady because there is no reference to it any where. I looked online and in some library books but I couldn't find any meaning what so ever. My father said that the guy that put the tattoo on his shoulder told him it meant that the spirals that are moving to the right represents the sun and victory. Know I don't know how true that is but if any of you out there that are reading this have any idea what this design represents I would appreciate you telling me your idea of the meaning. It is weird because almost every tribal tattoo design has some kind of meaning behind it even if it is just a plain old panther or something. Now even though I have absolutely no clue on what the meaning of the Celtic sun is, I still think that the symbol is a cool design and there should be a tutorial on this awesome looking sun. I personally think that the sun tattoo on my dad has is the best one he has. I think it's mainly because it is very simple and subtle looking. And you know what they say about things that are simple, there the best. The Celtic sun is nothing more than a round circle with a face drawn in the middle and then fiery flame lines that go all the way around the sun but they are not attached to the circle itself. Pretty neat huh? Well this drawing lesson will show you how to draw a Celtic sun design step by step. The instructions are easy to understand and follow which means I know you will do a good job. When you are done you can either take the finished art to your favorite tattoo parlor or print out the finished line art that is at the last step of this lesson. But only do this if you are eighteen years old or older...XD Well I will be back in a bit for more drawing fun so stay tuned people, there is more on the way.