How to Draw Abraham Lincoln

Artist: Dawn / May 10, 2009

Step 1.

This first step will look like a stick figure when you are done. What you will do first is draw a circle for Lincoln's head and then add the facial guidelines. Draw a long vertical line for the neck and then follow it straight down for his torso. Add   

Step 2.

Now that his facial guidelines and head shape is drawn in, you will start sketching out his eyes, the shape and lining of his nose, and then the beginning lines for his beard.

Step 3.

in step three you will start your shading around the eyes and on the right side if his nose. Once that is done you will start sketching out more of his thick hairy beard as seen here and add some shading while you sketch out his beard. Draw out the l   

Step 4.

Wow, you are doing such a great job so far. All you will have to do here in this fourth step is sketch out the outlining of his hair style shape. Sketch in some detailing and definition around the left cheek and then you can proceed on.

Step 5.

Add some shading and detailing to his combed hair style which is not so neat, and then sketch in the crease lines on his forehead for his wrinkles. Do the same sketching and shading to add age lines around his eyes and then sketch out the shape and s   

Step 6.

I cleaned up the sketch lines in this step so that you can see how I drew out his shirt, vest and outer jacket. You will finish drawing out his neck bow tie and then continue to sketch out his jacket and make sure you add all the wrinkle and crease l   

Step 7.

Once you are dine your sketch should end up looking like this. I hope you had fun sketching out the United States sixteenth president. You have finished this tutorial on "how to draw Abraham Lincoln step by step".

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Artist: Dawn
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Description: Gwen was a neat character to learn how to draw huh? Well this goes out as another requested tutorial and I hope you will all enjoy and learn something. This next lesson we will learn "how to draw Abraham Lincoln", step by step. As you know Abraham Lincoln was the United States sixteenth president that sat in the White House. Abraham was a wise man that struggled growing up not only with money, but with learning as well. He used to read books even at night time with just a single candle to light his pages. His father and mother didn't come from any special family background, but that didn't mean that he loved his parents any less. Abraham Lincoln lost his mother at a very young age. When he was ten years old his mother died of milk sickness which would have been in 1818. His father later remarried a widow named Sarah Bush Johnston who whined up being a pretty decent mother for most of his childhood and he even called her "mother" for the rest of his young years. The sixteenth president lead the United States into one of the most memorable wars that changed America forever, the civil war. Lincoln started his political career in 1832 at the age of twenty three. He lost his first election the first time he ran to become a member of the Whig Party. In the later days of 1832, Abraham became a captain of the Illinois militia during the Black Hawk War. During the start of 1834, Abraham Lincoln won his second election to the state legislature. A few years pasted and then he went after something he really loved to do, fiddle with the law. He became a very successful cross examination lawyer and started a practice with is fellow Whig, William Herndon. Although he was a lawyer that didn't mean he stopped doing his other job. He served four terms as an Illinois House Representative. After the war was said and done with, in July of 1862 Congress passed the second confiscation act that basically stated that all slaves that were owned by rebels, were to be set free. This was done to weaken the rebellion and it was done with the help of the constitution of the United States with the Thirteenth Amendment. On January 11th of 1864, slavery was abolished. President Abraham Lincoln was shot in the head by John Wilkes Booth who thought that the death of Lincoln would some how help the south. This tutorial will help you learn "how to draw Ab Lincoln", step by step. The whole sketch is broken down for you in easy to follow steps and simple to read instructions. I will be back later but I have to go for now to work a little more. Peace out and keep a look out for my return.