How to Draw The Man in The Moon

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Okay start this first step by drawing out a bog circle for the working shape of the moon. Add the facial guidelines that as you can see will be the eyes, nose and lips.


In this next step you will draw out the shape you want for your moon in this case I chose to use the crescent moon shape but you can choose a full size shape if you want. Once the shape of your moon is drawn, you will then draw out the lining for the   


Now that you have made it to your third step you are almost done with this lesson. All you have to do here is add a nice lump like shape for his cheek and then give him an eyebrow. Next add the shaping for the cloth that is wrapped around behind of t   


This is your last drawing step and what you will do now is sketch out the cloth around the top of the moon and then finish drawing the cloth lining on the bottom of the moon. Make sure you add the crease line detail as seen here. Add the rest of the    


This is what your drawing should look like when you are done. All you need to do now is add some fantastic coloring and you’re done. I hope you liked this tutorial on how to draw the man in the moon step by step.

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February 17, 2009

Description: Once again I am back with another lesson on an awesome tutorial that I thought would be a good way to have some fun drawing. Right now I will show you how to draw a moon step by step. Everyone is familiar with the whole classic image of the man in the moon right? Well, I knew that this idea would be a great way to express color and creativity. Many of us that draw the moon might want their moon to have a few cheese holes, or maybe even a few crack lines and age spots. Drawing moons can be a lot of fun because there is a bunch of different ways you can draw them. When I was thinking about what type of moon I wanted to sketch, at first I thought of a whole moon that had a few pit holes and pot holes and maybe a even a face which could be sad or happy. I’m sure you are all familiar with the story that consists of the cow jumping over the moon? Well if you think about it, the moon had a character as well. It was sculptured, decorated, and had a friendly face. My tutorial is kind of similar; I was actually going for a moon that was blowing out clouds while he slept. And I think I might have conveyed that in the drawing. Growing up as kids we were all familiarized with the phrase “man in the moon” and so because of that I will show you how to draw a moon step by step. I used colors that were girly and cheery so that it would convey happiness and childhood. I will be back with more drawing fun so stay tuned and try out this tutorial and add your own creative talent to make it even more colorful and exciting. I shall return so keep an eye out.

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