How to Draw Michael The Fallen Angel

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Okay let's start this long lesson by drawing out the frame structure for the fallen angel. First draw a small circle for his head and then draw out the shape of his torso. You will then attach the limb guidelines for his extended arms and waist and t   


In this step you will draw out the ax like shaped lines for his tattered wings and make sure you draw the bottom of the wings with razor like lines. Once that is done you can start sketching in the shape of his chin which is viewed from underneath an   


You are now on step three and so far I bet your doing great. This step is pretty easy because all you have to do is draw several lines on each wing to prepare them for their feathers. One you have done that you can sketch out the rest of his arms and   


Now that the basic shaping and lining is drawn out for Michael the fallen angel, you can start focusing on the detailing and definition to make him look more alive and he first thing you will do here is sketch in the shape of the feather tips and the   


This is your last drawing step and what you will do here is sketch out the rest of the detailing and definition to the angel’s wings or feathers. Next draw out or sketch his long hair which is lightly blowing in the wind. Erase all the guidelines a   


Once you’re done with your sketch of the fallen angel, it should come out looking something you see here. All you have to do now is use your imagination and start coloring in your angelic character to your suiting. I hope you liked learning how to    

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December 30, 2016

Description: My first lesson of the day was a lot of fun to draw and color and I hope all of you liked the tutorial as well. For my second lesson, I will be showing you how to draw a fallen angel step by step. I was inspired to draw this character because I was watching a movie called “The Prophecy” which stared the very talented Christopher Walken. Even though he didn’t play a good guy his character was well developed and written. The whole movie consists of a war between Gods angels and Gabriel who was casts away from God’s side. A bunch of fallen angles fell in battle to keep peace on earth. Of course I could be interpreting the plot of the story wrong, but I’m pretty sure the premise is similar to how I explained it. The fallen angel that I am going to show you how to draw is named Michael and he was once a very beautiful angel that lead a legion of angels that served God faithfully and truthfully. It was Michael’s duty to keep all the angels in line and to keep their faith to God true and unconditional. Although this angel was a true servant of God, he was still vulnerable to pain, betrayal, and suffering. There was a dark angel that was not part of Michael’s legion named Stephan, and he was neither good nor bad, he was more of a lost soul that God took pity on when opening his gates to heaven accepting him in. Stephan was very grateful that his almighty father gave him refuge in the Kingdom of Heaven even though he did not earn the right to pass. You see, Stephan would often see Michael patrol the Kingdom walking or sometimes flying around. Michael is known everywhere and by everyone, his bold dominate appearance is described as being a pure entity of light that reflects the love he has for his Lord and because of that, he has every right to lead heavens army and to be it’s protector. Stephan grew extremely jealous of Michael and one day thought of a plot to get Michael thrown from heaven forever. Stephan wanted to sit on the side of God and because of that he was willing to do anything and everything to make that happen. One day, on the first day of Michael’s betrayal, Stephan approached the mighty angel and asked for help to become a better servant of God and to become a strong willed spirit. So naturally Michael took this lanky, weak looking angel under his wing and made him his apprentice. As time went one Stephan became stronger, smarter, and more aware of what Michael’s duties entailed. The once dark angel was becoming more and more like Michael that it started to become almost scary and disturbing. Now you have to understand, Michael loved God and he was truly a pure soul and his very existence was to fill the Lords need, so when Stephan betrayed him and turned God against the very angel that’s been by his side, and who was considered to be the favorite angel of the heavenly father, all his beliefs and values went down in flames and that was something that Michael could not bear. Michael’s punishment was to be exiled from heaven and sent to walk the earth for eternity. When he was banished Michael was thrown from the front gate on a downward spiral. When an angel falls from heaven, their wings can no longer fly. So when Michael hit the earth he was in pain and he would forever suffer all because he had an open heart and sheltered a lost soul. The reason why Michael’s wings are bleeding is because they are decaying until they no longer exist on his back. The spiked bands around his wrists are to remind him of how his soul would be forever pierced. This sketch that I drew is showing how Michael felt when he landed on earth away from his home. How did Michael betray God you ask? Well, that part of the story is still yet to come. I may be doing a lesson on Stephan and there I will tell you what he did to turn God against his precious angel Michael. You will learn how to draw Michael the fallen angel step by step with this detailed tutorial. It is under the advanced category because as you can see it will take a lot of hard work and patience to complete this character. I will be back later with more drawing fun, but in the mean time tackle this lesson and remember to take your time.

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