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How To Draw Stan

Artist: Dawn / April 7, 2008
How To Draw Stan

Step 1.

Like the rest of the South Park gang you will start this step the same way you did the others. Draw a large circle for the head and then lightly sketch in the facial, and body guidelines.

Step 2.

Thicken the head shape to form the lining for the face, and then make the lid line for his knit hat as well as the knitted ball on the top of his hat.

Step 3.

Simply draw in Stan's eyes the same way you would draw in Kyle's and then color in two dots for the pupils as well as make a smile for his mouth.

Step 4.

Stan has a very similar jacket to Kyle's. Start by drawing the shoulders, and then the arms. Next, make the flaps for his collar and then draw in his mittens as well as the small shapes for his thumbs. Add some buttons and a vertical line for the jac   

Step 5.

Finish Stan off by drawing the legs, and flat style feet or shoes. These characters where made to be very simple. Erase the mistakes as well as guides that you made along the way.

Step 6.

Your line art should come out looking clean and bold like the drawing you see here. Color in Stan Marsh to finish him off and add him with his friends.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: April 7, 2008
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Tags: how to draw south park, how to draw characters from south park, draw south park characters
Description: Today I will add another character from the South Park animated series. This tutorial will be on "how to draw Stan Marsh", step by step. Stan is also nine years old as are the rest of the South Park gang, but out of the four he is the oldest. Stan is the character that wears a regular blue winter hat with red trim and a red palm on the top. He also wears a brown jacket with red trim around the collar, blue pants, black shoes, and red mittens. Stan’s father is another funny character, his name is Randy Marsh and he is some kind of geologist. The funniest episode that I saw that involved Randy (Stan’s father) was when he was constipated and took a massive dump in his toilet. As he turned to flush the bowl he noticed how big his crap was an invited his wife Sharon to come and take a look at the massive loaf. Of course she was disgusted and told him to get rid of it but he didn’t he kept it in a glass case and called all of his friends to come take a look at the missal that he recently launched. Stan just sits around listening to how stupid his father is about the whole ordeal. Listening to his father going on and on about how the size of his crap must be some kind of world record for biggest craps ever laid. So what does his father and his father’s friends do, they make some phone calls and finds out that there was somebody that already had a good sized crap on display. Stan just sits quietly and tells his friends Kyle, Cartman, and Kenny what is going on and of course they make wise cracks on how stupid his father is. Stan is known to have the most common sense out of the four. Stan also suffers from a case of asthma and he also has a gay dog named Sparky. There was a time when Stan was in love with a girl named Wendy Testaburger, but she eventually dumped him and he suffered a significant amount of trauma when she dropped him like a bad habit. I love this character as well as all the South Park gang. They are all equally funny in their own way. I will show you "how to draw Stan" Marsh, step by step with easy instructions. So pull up a chair and prepare yourself for a fun filled tutorial.