How to draw stalking wolf

Artist: wolfs253 / July 8, 2014

Step 1.

1. Draw two circles and connect them, not too far apart, not too close together. Then, draw a third circle, slightly lower than the previous two, and connect that one as well.

Step 2.

2. Add a snout,a tail, and fur on the side of the wolf's cheeks. Wolves express emotions through their tail, So keep that in mind as you draw.

Step 3.

3. Start on the legs!

Step 4.

4. Connect the paws and start on the blacklegs.

Step 5.

5. You erase all the lines that are not needed, and start to draw Eye.

Step 6.

Add a pupil and shade fur around the eyes and work your way across the wolf.

Step 7.

7. Once you Are done completely shading the wolf, it should look like this. Add clause to the wolf's Paw also.

Step 8.

8. Go over your lines once again to make them darker. Then, give your wolf a ground to walk on.

Step 9.

9. Ok, This step is completely optional, But if you wanted to take out a Colored pencil And colored Eyes with it. Then, colored the outline of the wolf with the same pencil. Well, now you are done. Hope you like it!

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Artist: wolfs253
Date Added: July 8, 2014
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Description: Hi everyone! This is my first tutorial, so I hope you like it. I would love It if you could Leave me some ideas for more drawings. I need inspiration! This Wolf is Kind of realistic, but I personally like adding things to it to make it special Such as weapons, markings and clothing. All in all, I hope you like it!