How to Draw a Vampire Child Eye


First, you will want to draw the top and bottom of the eye. slightly curving it, and having a curved end on the bottom as the picture indicates. Remember the eye is wide because its a child's eye.


Next, you will want to draw the main focus, the thing that makes an Anime eye, an Eye. You draw a oval like shape in between the two lines, you can let the bottom of the oval touch the bottom of the eye if you want.


Third, its time to add the pupil and shine mark. The thing that makes it a vampiric eye normally is if the pupil is sharp, pointed, similar to a felines. The shine marks can vary, its your choice where you want them. But it is normally a good idea to   


Finally, add a splash of color, I normally like to use Blue or some other color, but its your choice for your colors! have fun!

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December 25, 2008

Description: Okay, basically this eye i use for many of my vampire children, I have other eyes, which I hope to have Tutorials for soon, though these things do not take very long to draw. Please Enjoy

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