How to Draw Anime Eyes

Artist: Dawn / July 3, 2009

Step 1.

You will start this first step on how to draw anime eyes by drawing out the top lids to every eye style. Once the lines are drawn out you will then thicken the lining to create depth, The eyes on the left are female and the eyes on the right are male   

Step 2.

You will now draw out the rest of the shape to the anime eyes. Remember what I said, the eyes on the right are male anime style eyes and the eyes to the left are female style anime eyes. Females have the thick looking top eye lid whereas males have a   

Step 3.

Here is your last drawing step. All you have to do here is draw out all the different shaped eyeballs and then color in the pupils. Look at all the different expressions that you have to choose from that you just learned how to do. There is no guidel   

Step 4.

Here is what your anime eyes should come out looking like when you are done. Just color the eyes in and thats it. I hope you enjoyed this lesson on "how to draw anime eyes" step by step, I am sure you will all use them in your next drawings.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: July 3, 2009
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Description: Eyes, eyes, and more eyes. Now that you know "how to draw human eyes", how about a lesson on "how to draw anime eyes"? I know what your thinking to yourself , “you already have a tutorial on anime eyes”. The fact is I have a lesson on manga eyes. I know there really is no difference but, if you look at anime and manga eyes there is a very subtle difference between the two types. Anime characters have more slanted looking shapes and are sometimes big. On the other hand, manga eyes have a bit more expression. I wanted to draw a few different types of anime style eyes that I don’t already have with the manga eye tutorial. I mean you can never get enough of lessons that teach you "how to draw anime style eyes" because they are all different when they come from different types of people. Everyone has there own interpretation on what an anime eye should look like. I just wanted to give my version to help those that need a tutorial that will teach them “how to draw anime eyes” step by step. Well I have to go because I have a real busy day today. Knock yourself out with this lesson, and I will be back soon. Peace out and happy drawing.