How to Draw Shen, Kung Fu Panda

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Begin by drawing a really small circle for the head of Shen, and then make another circle for the body. You will add a neck line which will also connect the two shapes, and then move to step two.


Sketch out the shape of the peacocks head, and then draw out the neck all the way down to the base of the body. Notice how the neck flares out in shape as you go further down.


Sketch out the shape of Shen's beak like you see here until you have a nicely formed bill. The next thing you want to do is sketch out the marking lines around his eyes to form the eyes. Draw in the eyeballs, and then sketch in the feather hairs that   


Now that Shen's head, face, and neck is all set, you can now start consecrating on getting his body drawn out. Begin by sketching out the collar line of his gi, and then draw out the arms which are the sleeves of his clothing. Each hand is tucked ins   


Now you will spend time drawing out each peacock feather that is spurred out in front of your eyes. Take your time with this step because even though Shen is the bad guy, peacocks are supposed to be beautiful.


Take your time even further when drawing in the design pattern on the peacock feathers like you see here. At the tips of each feather all you have to do is color in a solid pattern in the form of a egg shaped circle and then add a solid dot. Repeat t   


Here is what your drawing looks like when you are done. Color him in, and then you have just drawn Lord Shen from Kung Fu Panda 2.

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June 1, 2011

Description: I’m sure you all know that Kung Fu Panda 2 is no showing in theaters. What some of you may not know, is who the villain supposed to be. Po and his Kung Fu fighting buddies go against the likes of a peacock that is the main antagonist. You will be learning "how to draw Shen", step by step with today’s first tutorial. Also known as Lord Shen, he is the next one in line to rule over Gongmen City. I have not yet seen the film, but I think I may be going to the movies this week. I didn’t want to research too much on this character because it would have gave me a hint as to what Kung Fu Panda 2 is about. Instead I will teach you guys "how to draw Shen", that way there we are all in the same boat. If you have already watched this movie, please don’t tell us any details. Although it would be cool to know if it’s worth buying a ticket for. Anyways, have fun guys and be sure to let me know how you liked this lesson. Adios peeps, and enjoy the drawing day!

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