How to Draw Rath

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Since you are drawing a rather large character, his body shape and frame will look a bit swollen. Start with the shape of his round head, and his round torso and make sure the two shapes connect like so. Next, draw the body position lines for the fra   


Begin drawing out the simple shaped face for Rath, and when you do this, add the eyebrows that seem to be a bit wispy at the tips. Draw the mouth line and jaw.


Draw the eyes, and nose in full, and then add the two canines that overbite the top part of his mouth. Draw the muscular looking shoulders, and then the amazingly strong looking chest or torso.


Next, start sketching out the muscular shaped shoulders, and arms. Rath's limbs should look very intimidating. Once that shoulders, and arms are drawn, you can then draw the tiger stripes. You will also draw the chain on his neck that he ears to hold   


Finish sketching out the torso area, and then draw out the waist. Once that is done you can add the stomach marking line like you see here, and add more tiger stripes. Draw the humongous hands, as well as his claws. Lastly, draw the Omnitrix symbol.


Here you can see how close you are to the end of this tutorial. Sketch the thighs, and lower parts of the leg. Use the same lining to draw out the feet and move to the last step.


Finish this character by drawing out the crotch and finish drawing out the legs. Add some detailing to the legs, and then draw out the rest of his feet. Erase the lines and shapes you drew in step one.


When you are done, Rath comes out looking like he does here. You can now color him in, and label this a finished drawing on how to draw Rath. Great work guys!

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May 17, 2010

Description: I know I always say that I sometimes get bored of drawing characters from one series all the time, but today I have to submit a request on a character that I think is awesome and wicked cool looking. The beast is from Ben 10, and the lesson I will be giving is on “how to draw Rath”, step by step. Rath is probably one of the cooler aliens. He looks like a big, arthropod of a humanoid tiger. Rath is from the planet Appoplexia, which means he is an Appoplexian. He stands upright, at about nine feet tall, which is pretty intimidating. Even though this alien is massive in size, the Appoplexian people are violent beings, that don't know nothing except to fight, and be aggressive. I guess you could say that he looses his head when he fights, and because Rath is so strong, and powerful, Ben likes using him. The only problem that arises when Ben turns into Rath, he seems to loose his intelligence when he is called upon. That is the only known weakness of the Appoplexians, other then that, Rath's abilities are pretty sweet. As you can see with his size, Rath has super human strength, and incredible agility. He can jump far distances, and because of his super strength, Rath can lift various objects that weigh more then he does. What I didn't mention was the coolest part. Rath is somewhat related to Wolverine in my book because he has these awesome extendable claws on his wrist. There is only one on each side but that's okay, Rath can still do some serious damage when it comes to stabbing and slicing. I think you will have fun with this tutorial because you will learn “how to draw Rath”, from Ben 10, step by step. There is one more helpful tutorial on the way, so be patient until I return. Peace people, and have a happy drawing day.

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