How to Draw Ultimate Swampfire

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Start by drawing a medium sized circle for the top half of Ultimate Swampfire, and then add the guidelines in the middle of the head, and then down the center of the body. Next add the limb lines.


You will start sketching out the creepy lining for this Ben 10 alien like so. The small egg shape in the center is actually going to be the face, and then outer shape is part of Ultimate Swampfire's body. Once these lines are sketched out, move to th   


Now you will start sketching out the strong thick looking arm and seemingly giant hand. Once that is finished you can then draw the other parts to his body on the right hand side. Add detailing to define the muscle in his forearm as you see here.


Finish drawing out the fingers, and then add the nasty looking lumps on the top of the arm like so. When that is done you can add more detailing lines to add more definition to the aliens body. Next, draw the small almond shaped eyes, and then draw t   


It's time to finish drawing Ultimate Swampfire. Finish sketching out the right hand, and add detailing to the arm, and then sketch out the legs, and tree stump shaped feet. Add some muscle definition all around, and then begin erasing all the lines a   


Now that you are done with this lesson, you can start coloring in this Ultimate Alien. I do hope you enjoyed the tutorial on how to draw Ultimate Swampfire. Make sure you guys rate, and comment on the lesson to let me know what you think. Peace peopl   

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May 11, 2010

Description: This is going to be one of my favorite ultimate aliens that I have submitted to date, and I'm sure that you will all recognize this character from the very popular Cartoon Network animated series. So far, I have uploaded three or four different new ultimate aliens from Ben 10 Ultimate Alien, and they are all pretty cool. Today, I will show you "how to draw Ultimate Swampfire", step by step. The reason why I like Swampfire so much is because he is a very unique alien. He is a Methanosian from the planet Methanos. This character is a humanoid creature that is basically green in color, with a flame like pattern on his head, and shoulders. Now, you would think that such an alien is pretty mean, and he is. The abilities that this alien has is so cool, and I bet that's why he is amongst the list of popular aliens from Ben 10. Did you know that Swampfire was the first alien that Ben uses in Alien Force? It's true, during the very first episode of the new series Alien Force, Swampfire is the chosen species. He also uses Ultimate Swampfire as the first alien in Ultimate Alien too. Like his name, this swampy creature even lets off a smelly rotten scent that only worsens with heat, eeww. He has the ability to use super human strength, he can throw seeds that grow into large plants, he lets out a smelly gas that knocks people out, he can also use fire blasts, and many more neat tricks. When he is in his ultimate state, Swamp's powers goes from awesome, to incredible. Instead of shooting fire in his regular hero form, he uses fire bombs in his ultimate form, how cool is that? Anyway, this tutorial should be relatively easy. When coloring the beast in, his skin is no longer green, instead you will have to color in this ultimate hero a dull tree trunk brown. In all I think you will have fun. I mean, how hard can it be to draw Ultimate Swampfire anyway?

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