How to Draw Ultimate Big Chill

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This lesson may be a bit complex because of the pose or position Ultimate Big Chill is in. Just take it slow, and follow the steps as you see them. Start with a circle for his head, and then draw the shape of the torso. Lastly, all you have to do now   


Okay, we will now draw Ultimate Big Chill's body. But first, you need to sketch out the shape of the actual head, and face structure. The sides of his face flare out in a flaming pattern as you see here. Once that is done you can than begin drawing t   


I would suggest that you enlarge the steps so you can see in full detail what to do next. You will now draw out the framing mask that makes up his face, and then draw the chest marking on his torso. Once that is done you can begin the process of draw   


Before we get started on the face, let's finish drawing out those arms, and hands. Chill's arms are long, and his hands only have four fingers. Once the arms and hands are drawn out, you can then begin marking them with the unique pattern on his red    


Now you will have fun drawing the large wings which are shaped like a moths. This is due to the fact that Big Chill is a moth like alien. Once the wings are drawn, you can than tackle drawing out the antenna which look more like leaves because they a   


Well, it looks like you have made it to your last drawing step. All you need to do now is finish sketching out his wings, both top and bottom, and then add the markings on his right arm. Once that is done you can draw the rest of his legs, and then h   


When you are done you have an awesome Ben 10 Alien from the Ultimate Alien force. Color him in, and you have completed this lesson on how to draw Ultimate Big Chill. Great work guys!

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May 8, 2010

Description: Hey guys, I'm back today with another drawing lesson that is sure to please. Almost everyone is familiar with Ben 10, and Ben 10 Alien Force right? Well, this first lesson for the day is coming straight from the depths of the series. Some of the coolest Omnitrix aliens like Jetray or Humungousaur, helps make the series that much better. I was browsing around Cartoon Network and saw that there is a new Ben 10 series. This lesson is going to be based on my findings and you will be able to "draw Ben 10 Ultimate Alien characters" when you are through with this tutorial. Today I will start by showing you "how to draw Ultimate Big Chill", step by step. What's the difference between the regular hero Big Chill verses the ultimate version? Well for one, Ultimate Chill is way more powerful. His powers almost double in strength, speed, and attack when he takes on his ultimate form. There is three main powers that Big Chill is known for in his regular form; freeze breath, flight, and invisibility. When he is in his ultimate state, freeze breath is now ice flames, which does way more damage than before. The difference in his appearance is the color. Instead of a cold blue, Ultimate Big Chill is a fiery red. I actually did two new Ben 10 Ultimate Aliens because I know for a fact that you guys will love the new aliens that come from the Ultimatrix. I will be back with the other alien from the new Ben 10 series, and if you want to watch the show, just tune into Cartoon Network on Fridays at 8pm (e/p). Have fun learning "how to draw Ultimate Big Chill", let me know what you think by rating this tutorial, and commenting too. Wait for my return my drawing friends, or check out the link for the new Ben 10 Ultimate Alien.

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