How to Draw Ultimate Echo Echo

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Regardless of how complex Echo Echo may look, he is a simple character to draw because he is full of round shapes. Start by making an egg shape for his head, and then draw the shape of his torso. Than draw the wire lining for the arms, torso, and leg   


All you have to do here is basically thicken or darken the lining for the head shapes, and then draw in the lining for Ultimate Echo's mouth, and neck as you see here.


Let's fill in his face shall we? First draw a circle on the top of his head, and then add two more ovals for the eyes. Draw the thick stripes on the corners of the head, and then draw ovals for the shoulder. Draw the marking lines on his torso, and t   


Add more detail and definition to the head, and then draw the symbol for the Omnitrix, or Ultimatrix. Draw in deep circles under the torso like so, and then add the detailing shapes and lines to the shoulders. Next, start drawing out the outline of h   


Draw the rest of the arms and as you can see the arms begin to flare out and add some lining and detail to the arms as well. Add some stripes in the middle of his stomach, and than move to the next step. If you look at the arms, they kind of look lik   


You are almost done with this lesson. All you have to do now is draw some fingers and then draw the knee caps, and lower oblong lower leg shapes.


Draw the two oval shapes on the front of his legs, and then add some stripes, and lower foot lining. Erase all the guidelines and shapes that you drew in step one.


When you are done your drawing should look like the one you see here. Just color him in and you are done. I enjoyed drawing out Ultimate Echo Echo, step by step.

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May 10, 2010

Description: Did you guys check out the new sub section I made under the “Cartoons” category? It's a section that is dedicated to everything Ben 10. This includes Ben 10 Alien force, and Ben 10 Ultimate Alien. When I started drawing today, I wanted to make sure that I drew another awesome and popular alien form. So having said that, I will be showing you "how to draw Ultimate Echo Echo", step by step. I'm pretty sure I never did a lesson on Echo Echo in his regular form, but if you really like this character I will do a tutorial on him for all that want it. First off he is a silicon based life form that is from the planet Sonorosia which makes him Sonorosian. Unlike other alien's from the Omnitrix, Echo is much smaller. He is white in color, and has the capability to omit an ultrasonic scream that will stop machinery, and stop certain projectiles while in movement. Another ability he has, is to self replicate. When he goes from regular, to Ultimate Echo Echo, his abilities increase phenomenally, with speed being one of his strong areas. His sonic blast ability switches to sonic discs which is way more powerful than before. His appearance changes as well. He goes from all white and small, to a bit taller, with blue and black shading or color. In all honesty, learning "how to draw Ultimate Echo Echo" is going to be easy and fun. I can almost guarantee that you will have a blast with this tutorial. I will return with two other lessons on drawing Ben 10 Ultimate Alien. Peace peeps!

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